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Who is Caitlyn Lancashire Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Caitlyn Lancashire Wiki – Caitlyn Lancashire Biography

The ex-girlfriend of a teenager accused of murder told the court that she burst into tears and confessed to the murder.


19-year-old Matthew Mason allegedly killed 15-year-old Alex Rodda in the remote woodland in Ashley, Cheshire, on December 12 last year.


A hearing at Chester Crown Court heard Rodda, who was beaten to death with a wrench, blackmailed Mason over sexual intercourse.


Testifying on Monday, Mason’s 19-year-old ex-girlfriend, Caitlyn Lancashire, said she started crying after she told Rodda that she gave money when she visited her after her arrest.


Ian Unsworth QC in charge of the prosecution asked him: ‘Did he tell you’ I killed him ‘?’


Ms. Lancashire replied: “Yes.”


Mr. Unsworth said, “Was he crying a lot after that?” Said.


Ms. Lancashire said, “Yes.”


He said that Mason told Rodda that he was angry and hit him first.


Ms. Lancashire told the court that Mason, who lived with her family on a farm near Knutsford, gave Rodda about £ 2,000 after Rodda threatened to reveal their alleged relationship.


The court heard that Mason and Mrs. Lancashire had been in a relationship for nearly two years, but broke up in November last year when Rodda texted Mason saying that he had spoken to him and sent him a clear picture.


He said: ‘As soon as I got messages from Rodda I left him.’


He told the court that he remained in contact with Mason, who denied that anything had happened with Rodda.


On December 12, on the night of Rodda’s death, the court sent a photograph of him smiling in bed with the top down to Lancashire.


The next morning, he sent photos of his feet to the floor of his car, and when he asked him if he was okay, he got the reply ‘I’m fine,’ the court heard.


Ms. Lancashire said that later that day, Rodda was called by a friend of hers who asked her if she knew where Mason and Rodda were.


He said he was talking to Mason on the phone.


“I was yelling” to the court. Where are you, where are Alex? “Said.


The jury said that Rodda ‘took him there’ for an elevator so he took him to a bar in the Holmes Chapel.


He said that when he said the police were involved in finding Rodda, Mason looked “as if he already knew”.


Ms. Lancashire confirmed that Mason looked sad, but believed that this was angry with him for seeing Rodda when he did not promise him.


The court heard him say he knew he shouldn’t have taken Rodda and said: “I don’t know why I did this, I’m confused by why I did it.”


Ms. Lancashire said her last meeting with Mason was a few weeks ago when she tried to call him.


He said, ‘I answered and asked him to stop calling me.


Mason of Ash Lane, Ollerton denies murder. He admits to hitting Rodda with the key, claiming that he was defending himself and losing control after being provoked.


The half-naked body of Alex Rodda was found by garbage collectors on December 13 last year.


His head and body received at least 15 hits.


The jury was told he might need to consider whether he killed Rodda in self-defense or if he experienced a loss of control.


Last week, jurors were told that after receiving a message from the Cheshire Police about the missing teenager, Mason returned to the woodland after midnight, where he was told he had tried to move the body but was told to quit.


Hours after the body was discovered, Mason was stopped and arrested by the police at A41 in Staffordshire.


She looked like she had scratches and abrasions on her back near her waist, and she also had scratches and cuts on the left side of her face. The court was told that there was dried blood on his hands and fingers.


On the boot, the police found a bloody wrench and other items.


The trial continues.