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False Rape claims Causes Neighbor’s Death: Brittany Sorey Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Brittany Sorey Wiki

Brittany Sorey is a 30-year-old mother of five who has been arrested for filing an allegedly false sexual assault claim with police. This claim inspired a series of events which eventually ended with her neighbor being killed.

Brittany Sorey Wiki

Sorey lives in Largo, Florida. In April, she filed a sexual assault claim with police — but a month later, a bizarre series of events led to the death of her neighbor, and Sorey recanting her allegations in their entirety.

 Sorey Told Police in April That a Hispanic Man Sexually Assaulted Her

In April, a police report shows that Sorey filed a claim saying that a Hispanic man broke into her apartment and proceeded to sexually assault her. Specifically, per The Smoking Gun, the report states that Sorey said the man penetrated her with a box cutter and a broken broom handle.

However, another police report a month later states that, despite the fact that she was re-interviewed by detectives and maintained that she had been sexually assaulted, that information has since been proven to be untrue.

That police report confirms that police have no reason to believe Sorey has displayed any indication of mental health issues, or any indication of drug or alcohol influence.

Sorey’s Friend Killed a Man Believed to Be Her ‘Attacker,’ Police Say; After, Sorey Admitted She’d Made up the Claim

The police report on Sorey, as provided by The Smoking Gun, explains the wild series of events that led to Sorey’s neighbor being killed:

Brittany Sorey Wiki

The defendant later moved out of her home and allowed a friend to stay there. On 5/10/19 at 2200 hours, a neighbor arrived at the defendants apartment to confront her and her husband over money issues and began beating on the front door. The defendant then told the friend that the person knocking at the door sounded like the male that sexually battered her. The friend exited the home to attempt to take a photograph of the male subject to give to the police and the male attacked the friend. Ultimately, the friend killed the neighbor in self defense during the confrontation. Detectives re-interviewed the defendant and she admitted she fabricated the entire report of sexual battery and it never happened.

Sorey Is a Mother of Five Children, & Is Married

Sorey’s Facebook is filled with photos of her life as a mother of five and a wife to her husband. Per her Facebook, she lives in Largo, Florida, and attended St. Petersburg College as an undergrad.

Sorey Has Been Charged With Falsely Reporting a Crime

Sorey has since been charged with falsely reporting a crime. She has not, however, been charged with anything related to the death of her neighbor.

Brittany Sorey Wiki

Details Around Sorey’s Neighbor’s Death Are Unclear

Sorey’s neighbor’s cause of death is currently not established. Her neighbor’s identity has also not been released. However, many have begun to call out Sorey on her own Facebook account, primarily condemning her for making an apparent false sexual assault allegation.

One Facebook friend wrote, “You ruined a man’s life that resulted in his death! Shame on you I hope you’re haunted by this for the rest of your life!”