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Brittany Renee Zimmerman (throwing pre-school girl downstairs in a laundry basket) Biography – Brittany Renee Zimmerman Wiki

Brittany Renee Zimmerman, 26, was taken into custody Friday by Westmoreland County police on charges of aggravated assault, child endangerment, simple assault, and reckless endangerment, TribLive reported.
Brittany Renee Zimmerman is a Pennsylvania woman has been arrested over a February incident in which she allegedly threw her then boyfriend’s 4-year-old daughter down a flight of stairs in a laundry basket.
Brittany Renee Zimmerman, 26, was arrested Friday in two cases. She is charged with aggravated assault, child endangerment, simple assault and reckless endangerment in the abuse case. Charges of stalking, invasion of privacy and unlawful dissemination of intimate images were filed last week.
Police were called in February when the child was hospitalized with several injuries after authorities said Zimmerman was watching her. The child had a bruise and cut on her forehead and several other scrapes and bruises all over her body, some of which appeared to be in various stages of healing, police said.
Doctors said the injuries all were indicative of child abuse. The girl told investigators in June about several alleged instances of abuse involving Zimmerman, including being pushed down the staircase while in a basket.
According to CBS Pittsburgh, the girl told investigators that Zimmerman put her in the laundry basket and threw it down the stairs while in a rage.
“Brittany would hurt me when I did something wrong,” the child told detectives, including at least once when she accidentally wet herself.
The girl also told investigators that she grabbed her by the hair, threw her on the bed, and poured polish on the bed. Zimmerman also claimed to add salt to the chocolate milk mixture for the little girl and a sister.
Zimmerman was also charged in two other separate cases. According to TribLive, the court documents were arrested on charges of stalking an ex-boyfriend’s Facebook account and allegedly sending nude photos to his family and friends, and illegally disseminating his intimate footage. It is unclear if this is the ex-boyfriend who is the father of the 4-year-old father.
He has a pre-trial hearing on August 20 in the child abuse case and is being held in Westmoreland County Prison with a $ 15,000 bond. He was released on a $ 10,000 bond in the privacy case and has a preliminary hearing on September 10.
On Thursday, Zimmerman was tried on charges of conspiracy, conspiracy, and false reporting by Greensburg police. She was released with a $ 25,000 bond.
Her attorney could not immediately be reached.