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Chicago Mother Brittany Hill Murder Video Leaked: Brittany Hill Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Murder Video, Chicago Mother Killed

Brittany Hill Biography

Brittany Hill Biography

Leaked Police Video Shows Brittany Hill Gunned Down Holding Her 1-Year-Old Baby. Brittany Hill, 24, shielded her baby, saving the 1-year-old’s life, but Hill lost her own to gun violence in Chicago Tuesday. Now, with two men in jail facing charges in connection with her killing, a graphic and horrific video that was part of the Chicago Police Department’s evidence in the murder investigation was leaked and has been shared online.

Police Video Shows Brittany Hill Gunned Down Holding Her 1-Year-Old Baby

The full, unedited video leaked by someone with access to police digital files, has been posted online
Brittany Hill Biography

Police Statements

The official statement from the CPD reads: “The access, handling and retention of evidence in criminal investigations is of the utmost importance to the Chicago Police Department. The defendants, in this case, have been arrested in the case and evidence or now before criminal court.
Brittany Hill Biography
As a result of this on the authorized video release, we have notified the states attorneys office and also opened an investigation to determine who electronically access the video and whether anything was released or compromised on the CPD’s end.”

Hill, who was gunned down Tuesday, is seen trying to shield her baby from being hit as gunshots ring out. She tried to escape, runs and then falls on the street while clutching her child to her body. Moments later, a car pulls up and two men jump out and carry her body into a car with her daughter sitting alone in the street. A man walks up and picks up the baby who had gotten to her feet as the car carrying Hill races off.

According to CBS Chicago, the leaked CPD video evidence is from a city CCTV camera. The outlet reported a CPD spokesperson say, “We have notified the state’s attorney’s office and opened an investigation to determine who electronically accessed the video and whether anything was released or compromised.”

Police charged Michael Washington, 39, and Eric Adams, 23, in connection with Hill’s death.
Brittany Hill Biography

“Breaking overnight: #ChicagoPolice & @UrbanaPD arrest 23 yo Eric Adams & 39 yo Michael Washington for the heinous murder of Brittany Hill who was shot Tues while holding her young daughter. Hill shielded the infant with her body while being fired upon. Court @ 9a 26th /California.”
Brittany Hill Biography