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Brianna Williams Wiki – Brianna Williams Biography

Authorities in Florida released body camera video showing a police officer interviewing an inconvenient military mother, who reported her five-year-old daughter disappearing last fall – a week before the boy’s badly decomposed remains were found buried in the rural Alabama countryside.


28-year-old Marine Petty Officer First Class Brianna Williams mother was later accused of child neglect, severe child abuse, misinformation to the police and falsifying evidence regarding the death of her daughter Taylor Rose Williams.


An autopsy report released last week in Alabama revealed that when Taylor’s body was recovered on November 12, 2019, the boy likely died anywhere from one to six months, given the condition of his remains. it was cleaned by animals.


The Alabama medical investigator wrote that the discovery of the body was ‘suspect for murder’ and some evidence pointed to ‘negligence or serious illness’, but the cause and mode of death could not be determined.


Court records show that, between the last time the girl was seen alive in April 2019 and her mother reported in tears that her daughter disappeared on November 6 last year, Brianna ‘deliberately tortured Taylor, punished with malicious intentions or deliberately went into a cage’ claims.


He was also charged with destroying or removing evidence and transporting human remains.


A year later, Jacksonville County Sheriff’s Office released more than 160 body footage of the intense search for the missing girl, Florida Times-Union reported.


On the morning of November 6, 2019, it is among the videos that look like the first recorded interview with a police officer, in which Brianna Williams is seen crying outside her home in the Brentwood episode of Jacksonville.


The mother, dressed in Navy, shivers and cries as she tells the responding officer how she awoke to find her daughter missing.


“I woke up this morning, started getting ready for work and wasn’t in his room,” Williams said with sobbing.


Have you had any problems with anyone? The officer asks, Williams shook his head ‘no’.


The police asks the mother a series of questions, including whether her daughter has tried to escape before or if she has taken any medication.


As the conversation continued, Williams gave apparently conflicting information about when he moved to Brentwood home, saying it was two days ago or a week ago.


In a separate interview with another officer later, Williams said that he moved home either on June or on July 4, and that his daughter came to live with her probably in October after staying with her grandmother in Alabama.


During his meeting with the first officer at the scene, Williams showed him the unlocked exterior door he claimed was open. She said she last saw Taylor when she brought her in at midnight. It described a five-year-old boy wearing a pink-purple T-shirt and pajama bottoms.


The police officer who arrived at the scene then informed a sergeant by radio and ordered him to search for the missing boy at home.


The sergeant is heard on the radio, ‘Get in the house and tear that house apart to make sure it’s not hiding anywhere in that house’.

But Taylor was nowhere to be found. Her disappearance sparked a massive search spanning two states and involving both law enforcement officers and volunteers.

Williams stopped cooperating with detectives after being questioned about inconsistencies in her account.

Data from Williams’ cellphone eventually took officials to Demopolis, Alabama, where Williams grew up, and where remains later identified as Taylor’s were found in a wooded area near the city on November 12.

Williams was reported to have attempted suicide by overdosing on pills on the same day her daughter’s remains were discovered, but she survived and was arrested.

She has not been charged with causing her daughter’s death.

Police documents previously revealed the girl last attended day care in April 2019, months before she was reported missing, and the child’s grandparents said they had not seen her in more than a year.

A neighbor said prior to her disappearance, Taylor was often seen wandering alone around the apartment complex where she lived with her mother, dressed in the same purple-and-pink pajamas she always wore.

No one appeared to have seen Taylor in the months leading up to her mother’s reporting her missing.

According to reports, Williams’ car ‘smelled of decomposition’ and had ‘been stripped bare and cleaned with chemicals’.

Meanwhile, her apartment was said to have been ‘in disarray with a strong odor of feces and urine’.

Feces and urine were found in a closet, while a stained piece of carpet, which had a chunk removed, was also discovered on site. Suspected bloodstains were observed in six locations throughout the apartment, reported News4Jax.

Williams has pleaded not guilty to the charges against her. She is being held on $1.1million bond and is due back in court for a pre-trial hearing on January 5.