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Threats to ex-girlfriend and daughter: Brendon Dawson Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Brendon Dawson Biography – Brendon Dawson Wiki

Brendon Dawson is an obsessive man was found inside his ex-girlfriend’s home after she had made repeated complaints to police about the suspect’s alleged stalking and threats.

Responding to a call about possible suspicious activity in a house in Naples, Florida, police found 32-year-old Brendon Dawson under a blanket on a sofa in the apartment unit where his ex-girlfriend lived, according to Fox 4 News. First, a neighbor appealed to the police to see that the victim’s dog was walking outside and the apartment door was open.


At the scene, the police were severely damaged, including a dismantled front door lock, broken picture frames, and dresser drawers opened with contents scattered. Police reportedly noted that the address matches a recent report of theft reported to be related to the same person.


When the police contacted the victim, they confirmed that Dawson was not allowed to be in her home and the police detained her.


When the victim returned home, she saw a camera at the entrance of the unit with a wire connecting her to the bedroom. According to the report, he told the police that he believed Dawson had set up the camera and was afraid he was installing additional cameras on the property. He also said that Dawson had tried to change the door locks three times in the past and threatened him and his little daughter by constantly calling and texting him.


On one occasion, as the victim told the police, he woke up and found Dawson staring at him at the head of his bed. In the report, it is not clear whether this incident was part of a previous theft that was reported to the police or another incident.


It is also unclear from the report whether the victim has already reported additional allegations, including telephone threats.