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Colorado STEM School Student Tackled Gunman: Brendan Bialy Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Facebook

Brendan Bialy Wiki

Brendan Bialy has been identified as one of the students who tackled one of the two STEM Highlands Ranch shooters on Tuesday, May 7.

Brendan Bialy Wiki

In a statement by Bialy’s attorney, as acquired by correspondent Katie Eastman, Bialy was confirmed to be unharmed in the incident. His attorney, Mark Bryant, said in part,

“When I spoke to him he was still in shock and primarily concerned with the victims and their families! He was very defiant at these senseless and horrendous actions. This young man like many of our young youth are compelled by their families, communities, and own internal convictions and strength to act immediately and selflessly. His message is strength to all!”

Bialy’s father, Brad Bialy, also confirmed to The New York Times that his son, who is a senior in high school, was in class when the gunfire began. Brad said his son told him two students entered the class, and that one of the students pulled a gun out of a guitar case.

Brendan Bialy Wiki

Bialy’s father further explained that Bialy and two of his friends jumped on the person with a gun, and that one of those boys was shot.

Here’s what you need to know:

Bialy Lives in Castle Rock, Colorado; He Is Originally From Michigan

According to his Facebook, Bialy is originally from Detroit, Michigan, but now lives in Castle Rock, Colorado. His Facebook activity is extremely limited. His current cover photo is a cartoon of Jimmy Neutron, and he only has one photo available, which is of he and his presumed family:

Bialy is an honors student at his STEM school, according to the school’s official list. 

Bialy appears to have a career in the Marines ahead of him: per his Instagram, he gave his oath of enlistment last July, writing in part, “We out here straight conducting our Oath of Enlistment for the United States Marine Corps. One step closer, fellas.

Bialy has since posted a number of photos of awards that he’s won through this program, including strength awards for the months of August and February. Bialy also posted a photo of what appeared to be his brotherNolan’s honor roll certificate, writing, “Awesome work, pal. Keep going and going, proud of you.”

Brendan Bialy Wiki

Bialy also celebrated a friend’s recent decision to enlist in the Marines, writing, “Just want to call this guy out for making a commitment that nearly nobody makes. Can’t wait to grow with you, brother.”

Students Have Since Spoken Out About the Horrific Day

A number of students have since spoken to publications about the terrifying day they had. Per The Chicago Tribunestudent Christian Paulson said that he was in study hall when he heard kids shouting “SHOOTER!” He continued, “And I’m like, what? Is this real or fake? And then I just went after them. And apparently, this is all real. And I tried to run with my life, but I’m out of breath.”

Makai Dixon, an eight-year-old in the second grade, said to The New York Times, “I heard a gunshot. I’d never heard it before.”

Dixon’s mother, Rocio, added to the publication, “We’re more messed up than they are.”

Brendan Bialy Wiki