BREAKING: Cumberland Mall Shooting In Atlanta video Reports

Cumberland Mall Shooting In Atlanta

There are multiple reports of a shooting at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, with social media users posting about a heavy police presence in the area as shoppers fled from the scene.
The video posted on Twitter shows the chaos that broke out in the food court of the suburban mall when a shot was fired somewhere nearby. Patrons run to multiple exits while others hide under tables.

Cumberland Mall Shooting Live Video

The Cobb County Police Department confirmed in a statement posted on Twitter that it was an “isolated case” at the mall. The statement said that there were “no active shooters in Cumberland Mall” and that further updates would follow soon.
The mall was reportedly placed on lock down as several social media users whose geotags placed them in the building said police and swat were surrounding the area.
One witness who said he was inside of the Champs store at the mall told a local news channel that a man shot another man at a deli following a loud argument, and there were about two or three gunshots that could be heard before the suspect fled the scene.

It’s unclear what happened, but a heavy police presence was reported near the mall as officers responded to 911 calls.
In a tweet, Cobb police said there is not an active shooter situation, referring to it as an “isolated incident.”

According to scanner traffic, officers were dispatched to the scene shortly before 1:30 p.m.

It’s unclear if anyone was injured.

We’re working to learn more.

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