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Brandon McCormick is a Salt Lake City man who shouted ‘all lives matter’ was beaten and his car was torched after he took out a compound bow and aimed it at demonstrators protesting the death of George Floyd on Saturday.
Video on social media shows Brandon McCormick climb out of his car at an intersection in the Utahn capital with the weapon, which he then aimed at several protesters.
A few moments later, a mob surrounds McCormick and starts beating him up.
They flipped over McCormick’s car and set it on fire.
It did not appear that McCormick shot anyone with the bow.

Brandon McCormick Bow-and-Arrow Video

On Saturday, May 30th, McCormick showed up with a bow-and-arrow in the middle of a Salt Lake City protest, but the protesters surrounded and took him down, jumping on his car and, by some accounts, setting it on fire, according to viral videos of the incident.

Multiple videos show the man pointing a bow-and-arrow at protesters, who then surround and jump on him. One man comes at the guy with a skateboard. People also throw things at him.
“He’s shooting a f*cking bow,” says someone in one of the videos. “Get this motherf*cker, man,” says another person.

“Look at this. You call yourself an American,” one woman challenges the man in a viral video. “Yes, in America, all lives matter,” he responds, according to Fox 13. When he points the bow and arrow, the woman says “Don’t you dare!”

He later did an interview with KSTU-TV claiming he was attacked

McCormick later did an interview with KSTU-TV where he revealed his name was Brandon McCormick and said he pulled up on scene to help officers because he had weapons. He gave an interview “blooded and bruised.” However, the TV station reported that citizen videos, which you can watch below, instead show him randomly pointing the bow-and-arrow at people.

Brandon McCormick Facebook

McCormick’s Facebook account which has since been deleted shows that he once wished he could go back to the past and take out Obama and Hillary. The post reads: “I also wish I could go back in time and to take out Obama and Clinton in the crib”