Brandon Howell Biography

Killing 5 People in South Kansas Gets 5 Life Sentences: Brandon Howell Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth,

Brandon Howell Biography

Brandon Howell, 39, was found guilty on five counts of first-degree murder and seven other felonies in the killings.

Brandon Howell Biography

Brandon Howell Age

Brandon Howell is 39 Years old.

Brandon Howell Victims

The killings happened on Woodbridge Lane, near Wornall Road and Blue Ridge Boulevard. The victims were 86-year-old Ann Taylor, 80-year-old George Taylor, 88-year-old Lorene Hurst, her 68-year-old son Darrel Hurst and 69-year-old Susan Choucroun.

Brandon Howell Biography

Court documents say Howell allegedly tried to steal a vintage Jaguar from Ann and George Taylor. Police found the couple badly beaten and barely clinging to life in their basement. They later died at the hospital.

Police Investigation

According to a police investigation, Howell hot-wired the car and tried to get away. But the car didn’t work, and neighbors came outside to try to help.
That’s when court documents say Howell allegedly shot at them and killed Lorene Hurst, Darrel Hurst and Susan Choucroun.

Brandon Howell Biography

Then, court documents say Howell drove off in another one of the Taylor’s cars, a Toyota SUV. It all happened in broad daylight, around one o’clock.
Hours later, just before midnight, police found Howell walking with a shotgun they said he brought to the Taylor’s home and used in the killings, near I-29 and Northwest Barry Road.

Victims Memorial

A memorial stands tall at the entrance of the Woodbridge neighborhood in South Kansas City. It’s a reminder of the five victims.

Brandon Howell Biography

Brandon Howell Arrested

Howell was arrested that night walking along a freeway carrying a shotgun in his pants.

Howell had long been on the radar of law enforcement. In 1998, the body of his 18-year-old classmate, Nick Travis, was found buried in the Kansas City, Missouri yard of a duplex that was being renovated by Howell’s father.

Howell was the last person seen with Travis and Tabitha Brewer, 16, before the couple disappeared from Johnson County, Kansas.


Fast Facts You Need To Know

  • Brandon Howell, 39, was convicted Monday on five counts of first-degree murder and seven other felonies associated with the Missouri killings
  • Prosecutors have said they intend to seek the death penalty in Howell’s case
  • Court records indicate the murders began when Howell beat 80-year-old George Taylor and his wife, Anna Taylor, 86, before stealing their vehicle
  • Howell shot and killed Susan Choucroun, 69, Lorene Hurst, 88 and her son, Darrel Hurst, 63, after they witnessed him driving away from the scene
  • Police found the Taylors severely beaten in their basement
  • The elderly couple died in a hospital a week later