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Boity Bakae Wiki, Biography, Age, Boyfriend, ‘spitting fire, bar after bar’

Boity Bakae wiki

Boity Bakae Wiki, Boity Bakae bio

Boity Bakae Wiki

Boity Thulo is not letting up on her new found career as a music artist, releasing a new track today that she says was partly inspired by late Motswako rapper HHP.

After the runaway success of her first ever single late last year, the TV star announced this week that she was dropping a second single this weekend named Bakae.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE ahead of its release, Boity said that she wanted to do something different with Bakae.

“This track is different because it is me rapping in vernac. I don’t think people have seen that side of me yet. It is almost like Motswako trap. That is how I see it.”

She said that she had always wanted to release something with HHP and was saddened by his death last year.

“When I embarked on this journey, one of the first people I wanted to work with was HHP. He was a legend and I love what he did with Tswana. It would have been an incredible honour to have worked with him. I tried to channel that in this song. I feel like he would have enjoyed this track, so in many ways it is for me.”

Her first single was criticised in some quarters for lacking that hip-hop punch that would make it memorable, but Boity said she’s just focused on having fun in her new calling.

“I have been blessed to find something that I really enjoy and seem to be good at. The response has been so great. It has been overwhelming. I really didn’t think it would go as well as it did, and that gave me the confidence to release another track.”

After breaking into the music scene partly under the wing of Nasty C, Boity said she now had the confidence to go solo and unleash her full potential.

“The next three or four singles will be just me. I needed that confidence and now I have it, I know I can step out alone and make an impact. I want to be on this journey as long as possible.”

Pulling another tool out of her mysterious arsenal, she spits some SeSotho lines in “Bakae,” as opposed to her previous single “Wuz Dat?”

“Bakae” is produced by the trio Ganja Beatz, and is a banger of note with serious potential. Listening to it, though, I can’t help but hear Reason, who is credited as a composer in the song—from the cadences to the style of hooks and writing style.

In her first single, Boity sounded a tad like Nasty C, who wrote and featured in the song. It’s great hearing Boity sounding comfortable in these songs, but she has a long way to go. She needs her own identity, as sounding like whoever assists her in her tracks, won’t cut it.

At least not in a perfect world, and not in a hip-hop scene like South Africa’s where a lot of artists get away with lifting songs, styles and identities wholesale.

One thing you can’t take away from the song, though, is that it bangs.

Listen to “Bakae” below, and/or download it here:


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