Wanted Tucson Couple: Blane Barksdale, Susan Barksdale, Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Blane Barksdale, Susan Barksdale, Biography

Blane Barksdale, Susan Barksdale, Biography

Blane Barksdale, 56, and his wife, Susan Barksdale, 59, have been on the run since they managed to escape from a prison van after it departed from Blanding, Utah on Monday.

Blane Barksdale, Susan Barksdale Age

Blane Barksdale is 56 years old, and his wife, Susan Barksdale is 59 years old.

Blane Barksdale and Susan Barksdale Work and Career

A search of online records for Blane and Susan Barksdale shows that the couple ran a business in Tucson. The company attached to their name is Top Shelf Custom Cabinetry & Fine Woodworking Llc.

Blane is listed as the owner and Susan is an officer. According to OpenCorporates.com, the company was registered in October of 2016.

LinkedIn page with Blane Barksdale’s name includes the following description of his job as the owner of the woodworking company: “My dream come true. Bringing my customers the finest woodworking and custom cabinetry in the industry. If you can dream it I will build it.” The page further states that Barksdale previously worked as a furniure maker at Ace Hardware and as a cabinet maker at Arizona Laminate Fabricators.

Blane Barksdale and Susan Barksdale Escape from a Prison Van

Lane and Susan Barksdale, both accused of murder, are on the run after police said they overpowered two protection guards on August 26, 2019. The couple controlled the getaway in Blanding, Utah.

Regulation enforcement was inside the method of bringing the Barksdales to lower back to Tucson, Arizona to stand charges for the killing of Frank Bligh, seventy-two. After Bligh disappeared and his home was set on fire in April, Blane, 56, and Susan Barksdale, 59, traveled to new york. Police recognized them as suspects in Bligh’s homicide and that they had been arrested in the big apple in may additionally.

Police warn that the couple is “armed and dangerous” and need to no longer be approached. The U.S. Marshals Service is presenting a $10,000 reward in keeping with fugitive for information leading to their arrests

Police Investigation Reports

Law enforcement officials were in the process of bringing Blane and Susan Barksdale back to Arizona when they escaped. Tucson Police shared that the couple “overpowered two security officers in Blanding, UT” during the transport on August 26. The news release did not add additional details about how exactly the Barksdales managed to break away.

The couple is believed to be driving a red GMC Sierra pickup truck. The vehicle is damaged on the rear bumper and on the front passenger side. The license plate number is 127XTY and it’s an Arizona plate. Tucson Police added that Blane Barksdale has multiple tattoos on his arms and hands.

The U.S. Marshals have offered a $10,000 reward, per fugitive, for information leading to the arrest of either or both Barksdales. Officials warn that the couple is armed and dangerous. Anyone who sees the Barksdales are asked to call 911 and to avoid approaching them.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Blane Barksdale, 56, and his wife, Susan Barksdale, 59, have been on the run since they managed to escape from a prison van on Monday
  • Authorities say Susan pretended to have an intestinal issue in the back of the van after it departed from Blanding, Utah 
  • The couple charged the two unarmed guards as soon as they opened the rear door of the van
  • The Barksdales used shoelaces to bind the guards and then put them in the back of the van with a third inmate 
  • The Barksdales drove the van to the town of Vernon, Arizona, where they met up with a friend who gave them access to his red GMC pickup truck
  • The Marshals Service on Wednesday offered a $20,000 reward for their capture