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Two US Park Police officers have been charged with manslaughter: Bijan Ghaisar Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Bijan Ghaisar Biography

Bijan Ghaisar Biography – Bijan Ghaisar Wiki

A year after an unarmed 25-year-old driver was fatally shot by the US Park Police, his family, friends and supporters plan to gather outside the Lincoln Memorial to demand answers.

“We have so much anger that we struggle and suffer so much that we don’t have a minute to commit or mourn,” said Negeen Ghaisar, Bijan Ghaisar’s older sister.

On the night of November 17, 2017, two US Park Policemen followed Bijan after leaving the scene of a minor car accident in Northern Virginia. Bijan shot three different voyages. Each time, the officers got out of their vehicles, pulling and pointing their guns at Bijan, who maneuvered twice around the officers and walked away.

Two US Park Police officers announced that the 25-year-old unarmed driver, Bijan Ghaisar, was shot dead in 2017, officials said on Thursday.

Commonwealth Attorney Steve Descano said at a press conference that every police officer is facing a series of unintentional manslaughter and a series of reckless firearm evacuations. The charges are sentenced to a maximum of 15 years in total.

The indictments came about a year after the Justice Department announced it would not pursue federal criminal civil claims against officers identified as Lucas Vinyard and Alejandro Amaya.

On Thursday, Descano said, “I wish it could be done faster.” “However, there are no shortcuts to justice.”

Ghaisar’s family said in a statement that their hearts were “a little lighter” and “closer to being held accountable for what the officers did”.

“Many people who swear to protect and serve our communities commit abominable acts of violence and go unpunished,” the statement said. It was said. “With these charges, at least here in Fairfax County, we were reminded that Officer Alejandro Amaya and Lucas Vinyard are not above the law.”


Ghaisar has been described by his parents as a loving brother and son and a huge fan of the New England Patriots. Her sister told CNN that she has a degree in accounting from Virginia Commonwealth University and is a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. After college, Ghaisar started working at his father’s accounting firm in McLean, Virginia.

His family says he is also a vocal opponent of gun violence.

On the evening of November 17, 2017, Ghaisar was heading south at the George Washington Memorial Parkway outside Washington, according to a crash report obtained by CNN. For some reason, Ghaisar left the illegal crash site in Virginia, and Park Police soon localized his vehicle and began tracking.


The Park Police officers’ vehicle did not have a dashboard camera, nor were body cameras. The footage of the encounter, however, was captured by the front camera of the Fairfax County police officer chasing Park Police.

According to these images released by Fairfax Police in January 2018, Ghaisar has stopped at least three times. Each time, Park Police officers got out of their SUV and approached Ghaisar’s vehicle with their guns.

At the first two stops, Ghaisar maneuvered his vehicle around the cops and drove away, showing images. Officers never seemed in danger of being hit by Ghaisar’s vehicle.

At the third stop, the Park Police is pulled up in front of SUV Ghaisar’s vehicle and officers exit. As Ghaisar’s car moves forward, a series of gunfire is heard. Ghaisar’s Jeep rolls into an idle roadside ditch.

Ghaisar was hospitalized and died 10 days later.

“Our BIjan suffered the most brutal terror and persecution in the last moments of his life. We know this because he was caught and watched by police videos,” the family said in a statement Thursday. Said. “There is a permanent void within our family – a void that no time or any action can fill or heal.”

“We carry this grief as we fought and continued to fight for the justice of the victims of Bijan and many other police brutalities,” he said. “We will not stop demanding justice for Bijan – today was the first step.”


The FBI took over the investigation three days after the shooting, but remained virtually silent until last November, when the Justice Department announced that no charges would be made against Vinyard and Amaya.

Almost three years since then have been a search for answers and justice for Ghaisar’s family, who filed a lawsuit against the federal government scheduled to appear in court next month.

“We have so much anger and struggle so much that we suffer so much that we don’t even have a minute to commit or mourn,” Bijan’s sister Negeen Ghaisar said about a year after shooting at CNN.