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Who is Bev Veals Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Who is Bev Veals Biography, Wiki, Age

Bev Veals is the North Carolina cancer survivor who was told by a staffer for Senator Thom Tillis that if she couldn’t afford health insurance, then she couldn’t have it. Veals recorded the phone call and shared it with WRAL-TV in Raleigh.

Veals had called the senator’s office for guidance during the coronavirus outbreak. Her husband had been laid off and was worried they might lose their Veals health insurance. Unidentified personnel were heard saying that Veals had to “figure it out” and she and her husband.

While Veals was looking for guidance on how best to deal with the health insurance dilemma, he contacted a staff member at Tillis’ office in Capitol Hill. He explained to WRAL-TV that he started recording the phone call because he was “disappointed by his lack of empathy”.

The TV station broadcast episodes of the search on September 8. The man was heard asking, “If you can’t pay, do you say you can’t get it, and that includes healthcare?”

He said, “Yes, it’s like I don’t want to go to the store and buy a new shirt. If I can’t afford that shirt, I can’t buy it.”

The beef was stunned by the response. He insisted that health insurance is nothing compared to shopping in a store because “health is something people need, especially if you have cancer patients.”

The staff said that Veals and her husband had to “find a way to get” health insurance. Veals told WRAL-TV that he felt “angry and hurt” to the staff’s response. He added that the family is currently using retirement savings to pay health insurance.

Tillis did not make a public statement about the phone call with Veals. However, his office spokesperson, Daniel Keylin, said that the personnel in question were disciplined.

“The way a staff assistant at our Washington office speaks to Ms. Veals was completely inappropriate and violates Senator Tillis’ code of conduct for her staff, so she was given an immediate disciplinary action,” Keylin told WRAL-TV in a statement. The senator’s office later reiterated that Tillis supported efforts to ensure that anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 receive treatment regardless of their insurance status.

Veals has beaten cancer three times, according to the non-profit group Piedmont Rising. The organization has been lobbying against Tillis, who is up for re-election in November. Piedmont Rising highlighted Veals’ case on its website and dismissed the reaction from the senator’s office in a news release: “Not only does Thom Tillis vote against health care access for North Carolinians, but he couldn’t even bother to help a three-time cancer survivor in his state when she needed help most… An insincere apology now doesn’t excuse a career spent trying to put health care out of reach for people who desperately need it.”

Veals, a painter, used artwork to help her through her cancer battle. She explained on her website:

Art is a spiritual connection for me in my fight against cancer. I do not consider it a business. Rather, I consider it an extension of my heart and soul as I fight and mend from a disease that thinks it has no boundaries. My brush strokes take back those boundaries.

Veals’ husband, Scott, has worked in sports broadcasting. According to his Twitter bio, Scott Veals worked as an “EVS operator (slow motion replays) for NASCAR on FOX & NFL on FOX.” He showed support for his wife’s decision to speak about by sharing the WRAL-TV segment on his Facebook page. He wrote, “Bev’s causing good trouble folks. Look out.”

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