What You Don’t Know About Dalian Atkinson’s Killer: Benjamin Monk Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Who is Benjamin Monk?

Benjamin Monk is the “angry” police officer who caused the death of ex-Aston Villa footballer Dalian Atkinson when he Tasered him for six times longer than the standard practice before kicking him twice in the head, the court heard. PCMonk is standing trial for murder after discharging his Taser for 33 seconds and his West Mercia Police colleague Pc Mary Bettley-Smith is accused of assault for the use of her baton on Atkinson after he had been stunned to the ground.

The pair were in a relationship at the time, it was revealed in court yesterday.

How old is Benjamin Monk?

Benjamin Monk is 42 years old as of the year 2021.

Benjamin Monk Police

Atkinson visited his father’s house in Meadow Close, Telford, at 1.30 am on Aug 15, 2016, to discuss a hospital appointment for his kidney disease. The former footballer had been watching Andy Murray compete in the 2016 Olympic Games before heading to his father’s house.

He had smoked a small amount of cannabis, the court heard.

His shouting in the street demanding to be let in awoke some of the neighbors, one of whom was so concerned she called the police. When Pc Monk and Pc Bettley-Smith arrived, Atkinson was behaving in a “bizarre and erratic” manner and was referring to himself as “the Messiah”, the jury heard.

A witness saw Atkinson walking away from his father’s front door towards the officers with his arms outstretched and his palms open.

As he advanced down the driveway after two failed Taser attempts, Atkinson said: “I told you your thing isn’t working. I am the Messiah. You cannot hurt me.”

Pc Monk, 42, then attempted to Taser Atkinson a third time. Alexandra Healy QC for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said: “The standard default setting of a Taser is a five-second phase, but it is possible to override that by continuing to depress the trigger.

“Pc Monk continued to depress the trigger for over six times the length of a standard phase. The taser was deployed for 33 seconds.”

PC Mary Ellen Bettley-Smith

When the former footballer was on the ground, Pc Monk kicked Atkinson in the forehead at least twice, leaving imprints of his laces on the skin, the court heard. Atkinson’s head was “kicked like a football”, one witness said, and another witness said she saw 15 kicks.

Another Meadow Close resident heard a male officer shout at a female officer “f—ing hit him”, while Atkinson was on the floor, the jury heard.

By the time backup arrived, Atkinson, 48, was already on the ground and an officer saw Pc Monk’s foot on top of the star’s head or shoulder as he turned onto Meadow Close. Five officers heard Pc Monk admit to kicking Atkinson. “I had to kick him in the head,” they heard him say.

The ambulance arrived at about 1.49 am, and an officer waiting for the paramedics heard Pc Monk tell one of the medics: “He may be a bit bloody as I’ve had to kick him,” the Crown told the jury. Atkinson was loaded into the ambulance with his hands cuffed behind his back because police officers believed he was feigning illness, the court heard. During the six-minute journey to the hospital, the paramedics requested the handcuffs were removed.

When Atkinson arrived at the hospital, he was still breathing, but he then went into cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead at 2.44 am. Pc Monk and Pc Bettley-Smith drove back to Malinsgate police station in their vehicle after the ambulance had cleared Meadow Close.

Benjamin Monk West Mercia Police

A senior officer spoke to them both and they were said to be “very shaken up and said they had been fearful for their lives”, the court heard. The officers told their superior that they had been so scared that they had actually run away from Atkinson before engaging with him.

Pc Bettley-Smith said that the male had been shouting he was the Messiah and that he had killed someone, the court heard.

Had it not been for the elongated discharge of the third Taser and the kicks to the head, the ex-footballer would’ve survived, Ms Healy told the jury.

Pc Monk’s West Mercia Police colleague Pc Mary Ellen Bettley-Smith is charged with actual bodily harm (ABH) assault.

Both deny all charges against them. The trial continues.

Dalian Atkinson Trial

“He chose to take that anger out on Dalian Atkinson by kicking him in the head.”

Dalian’s devastated family had campaigned for a full investigation into his death and “welcomed” the decision to charge the officers. Monk is only the fourth officer to be charged with murdering someone while on duty in more than 20 years.

Pc Monk’s West Mercia Police colleague Pc Mary Ellen Bettley-Smith is charged with actual bodily harm (ABH) assault.

Both deny all charges against them. The trial continues.

The jury is due to hear opening addresses at Birmingham Crown Court.

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