Baby 'died of diaper rash,' according to prosecutor in father's murder trial
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Baby ‘died of diaper rash,’ according to prosecutor in father’s murder trial

died of diaper rash

died of diaper rash: A prosecuting officer within the trial of AN Iowa father whose baby son was found dead and maggot-infested during a baby swing last year has told a jury the kid “died of dermatitis.”

Assistant Iowa lawyer General Coleman McAllister told jurors Tuesday that 4-month-old Sterling Koehn had been within the same diaper for 9 to fourteen days once his body was found within the swing August. 30, 2017, at his parents’ Alta aspect housing, the traveler reported.

The baby’s father, 29-year-old Zachary Paul Koehn, is charged with murder and kid endangerment. The boy’s mother, Cheyanne Harris, is additionally charged and faces a separate trial at a later date.

McAllister aforementioned Tuesday in gap statements that the baby’s heavily dingy diaper had attracted bugs that had arranged eggs, that had hatched into maggots. The ensuing dermatitis diode to busted skin, and e.Coli bacterium set in.

“He died of dermatitis. that is right, dermatitis,” McAllister aforementioned.

A coroner’s report showed the baby died of deficiency disease, dehydration and therefore the infection.

In gap statements Tuesday, Koehn’s professional person aforementioned the baby’s death was a tragedy, however not a criminal offense.

McAllister denied the defense’s claims, locution Koehn was AN tough parent. He noted that Koehn’s 2-year-old female offspring was conjointly within the housing and was healthy, which Koehn had cash to shop forfood and baby provides. He explicit Koehn was a somebody.

Nurse and county rescue squad EMT Toni Friedrich testified Tuesday that she was the primary to make the housing when Koehn known as 911 to report the baby had died. Friedrich aforementioned Koehn showed no feeling once he diode her to the dark, hot room wherever the baby’s body was.

The baby’s “eyes were open, and it had been a blank stare,” she said.

Friedrich aforementioned once she touched the baby’s chest, his covering was crusty. once she rapt his blanket, gnats flew up, she said.

Koehn’s trial was rapt from Chickasaw County to Henry County to counter pretrial content.

died of diaper rash