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Ayana Fite Wiki: main stars of WE tv’s hit show Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, Ayana Fite is slowly but definitely breaking away from her father DJ Hurricane’s shadow. She has grown up to become a confident woman with a clothing line she is very passionate about, and in this Ayana Fite wiki, we delve into her famous lifestyle.

While it’s easy for celebrity kids to just live a spoiled life, many of them strive to find an identity unique to them. Ayana went through the same situation and admits that she was definitely spoiled growing up, thanks to her father being a part of one of the world’s most famous hip-hop groups—the Beastie Boys.

But things have been looking great for the youngster since she realized that she wanted to make a name for herself in the fashion world.

Ayana Fite Bio

Ayana was born on December 23, 1990, making her age 27. She was born to Dawn and Wendell Timothy Fite (DJ Hurricane’s real name), and was raised in Atlanta. She has three siblings named Jarell, Jennifer, and Quran.

Growing up, Ayana got everything she wanted, which led her to live an oblivious lifestyle, not knowing that there’s a whole other side to it.

She toured with the group, and went to her father’s concerts like most musicians’ kids do. And with DJ Hurricane’s net worth amounting to $40.0 million, you can imagine the riches she enjoyed.

But, as she grew, she understood that she wanted to make a mark on the world like her father did, but away from his identity and money.

Ayana Fite Wiki

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