Who is Shana Adler’s Husband: Avraham Adler Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife (Shana Adler), Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Avraham Adler Bio

Avraham Adler Bio

Avraham Adler is identified as a man who lived a double life and arranged the wild sex parties. He was named in a lawsuit last week filed by his landlord. Now it is reported that Adler is an Orthodox Jew who is married with three children and also lives in Clifton, New Jersey.

Avraham Adler Age

He is 33 years old.

Avraham Adler Wife

He was married to Shana Adler. She told the Post that she kicked her husband out of their home a few months ago after she found out about his relationship with two women – ‘Nicole’ and ‘Alexa’.

Avraham Adler Children

He has 3 children and further details of his children are not available.

Avraham Adler Lawsuit

Avraham Adler sued by his Manhattan landlord for allegedly hosting wild sex parties at his East Village apartment is said to be leading a ‘double life’ as an Orthodox Jew with a wife and three children.

The owner of the East Village townhouse at 189 East 7th Street alleges that Adler has been using the four-story home to charge people $60 each to attend wild parties that feature swings, group foreplay and spankings, the New York Post reported.

The property owner, Wonwoo Chang, alleges that ‘sex took place’ in the house during at least two parties, which are thrown almost weekly.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Avraham Adler, 33, was sued by the landlord in Manhattan Supreme Court last week 
  • The judge ordered him to stop hosting sex parties at East Village townhouse 
  • His wife says he is an Orthodox Jew with three kids who live in New Jersey 
  • Adler is also said to have multiple girlfriends with whom he has been seen
  • Neighbors say police have been called to the Manhattan home multiple times 
  • Avraham Adler denies cheating on his wife but says divorce is possible