Gus Smyrnios Girlfriend: Athena Megaloudis Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Athena Megaloudis Bio, Wiki

Athena Megaloudis is known as the girlfriend of Gus Smyrnios. Earlier this year, Gus Smyrnios debuted a cute blonde girl on Instagram. There wasn’t much to know about her except that her name was Lisa Burns. While it is unclear how long that relationship lasted, it wasn’t very long. The photo he shared of them together has been erased and a new girl is now being displayed on his Instagram.

Athena Megaloudis And Gus Smyrnios Dating

Smyrnios is dating with Athena Megaloudis from one year. A couple of lovers have shared photos of one another on Instagram. It looks like the two went public with their relationship at the end of July and they are currently still together. Symrnios has been pretty private about his personal life and the photos of him with Athena have gotten plenty of attention.

Athena Megaloudis Instagram

Her Instagram is private So there is not much to learn about the pretty blonde who just conquered Gus Smyrnio’s heart. The two exchanged the words “I love you” in the comments, which is a big step in every respect.

How long have these two been together?

Since Floribama Shore was still shooting at this time last year, it’s definitely less than a year. Gus Smyrnios had great doubts when he left Floribama Shore’s home last season for another visit in the future as his family had far too much contact during his time in the program.
When the show ended in May or even June, Gus and Lisa were only together for a maximum of 10 months. The only photos of the two on his Instagram account were published at Easter.
At this point, the duration of their relationship is a mystery. After seeing how reality shows impacted his family, it’s likely that the decision to show his girlfriend was not taken lightly.

Who is Gus Smyrnios

Gus Smyrnios is an American TV reality star best known for his role on the MTV program Floribama Shore. He also worked as a model. When he was only seventeen, after a quarrel with his parents, he was expelled from the family home. He spent the following years relying on the friendliness of his friends, who let him sleep in their homes. Although this would have been a very traumatic moment for him, he attributes the experience of hardening him and empowering him to make difficult decisions in life. It is not a time when he looks with regret and this shows how far he is from this point in his life.
Before starring on Floribama Shore, he was probably best known for starring on the cover of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s book Luc. It was also the role model on the cover of several other romantic novels. He also appeared in an advertisement for Armani fragrance. You can try to expand your modeling work in the future, and fans just wait to see if it’s on the cover of other books as well.