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Who is Aspiring Model Bebe? Locked in Cage by Family for 5 Years, Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Who is Aspiring Model Bebe? Locked in Cage by Family for 5 Years, Biography, Wiki

An aspiring model has been locked in a cage in the Philippines after suffering from a mental breakdown, according to numerous media reports.

Bebe, whose last name has not been made public, was living with her family in the Philippines when she wad diagnosed with “psychotic depression” in 2014, The New York Post reported. The now-29-year-old was then forced to live in a cage in 2015 after her family could no longer afford to pay her medical bills, the outlet continued.

Newsflare obtained a now-viral video showcasing the woman, who has spent the last five years in the cage.

A family friend of the aspiring model is now seeking help from the public to raise the resources necessary for the woman to recover, The Sun added.

Bebe’s Family Could No Longer Afford Her Medical Bills After Her Father Became Sick

An aerial view of a nearly empty North Luzon Expressway on April 3, 2020 in Caloocan, Metro Manila, Philippines.

The Sun reported that Bebe was suffering from hallucinations when she was diagnosed with “psychotic depression” in 2014. The outlet said, “The woman, 29, had been living with family in the Philippines and dreamt of becoming a professional model before she was diagnosed with psychotic depression in 2014.”

Bebe was later admitted to a psychiatric unit at a hospital in the Negros Occidental province, where her mental health began to improve after a year of treatment, Newsflare added.

In 2015, Bebe’s father’s health took a turn for the worse and the family could no longer afford her mental health bills, The New York Post said.

Bebe’s Depressive Episodes Returned When She Ceased Treatment

Newsflare said Bebe was discharged from the facility and sent home to be taken care of by her siblings. Her depressive episodes and hallucinations returned when she ceased taking her medication, the outlet continued.

Family friend Glyzel Bullos recalled to Newsflare that “there were instances when Bebe would become violent so the family resorted to locking her up for her own safety.”

“Sometimes Bebe would throw things at neighbors, or wander outside the house and start riding the bus,” she continued to the outlet. “There was one time her family was looking for her and found her a week later in [the] Cebu province when the police contacted them.”

Bebe’s siblings eventually built a “small cage” for their sister to live inside their home, Newsflare said.

Bullos explained to Newsflare that Bebe is draped in rags because she often munches on her clothes “until they are tattered.”

“She munches on her dress until they are tattered, so they dress her in sacks because she doesn’t like eating them,” Bullos said to the outlet. “They are locking her up so she won’t hurt herself, and not because they don’t love her.”

Bullos Is Turning to the Public for Help

Bullos is now turning to the public to help raise funds or resources for Bebe in order to return to treatment, Newsflare reported.

“Medical services are expensive, especially a private mental institution,” she shared with the outlet.

“I hope there are people who could help us bring Bebe back to her past self,” she continued.

Bebe’s case is not an isolated incident in the Philippines, in which roughly 50 million residents are living below the nation’s poverty line, The New York Post said. The outlet cited the country’s latest self-reported statistics from the Social Weather Stations.

In August 2020, The Sun reported a similar case to Bebe’s, in which a mentally ill woman in a remote village had been locked in a cage for 25 years after suffering a mental breakdown.

“The practice is not uncommon in rural areas of the Philippines, according to separate reports from The Guardian and The World Health Organisation,” The Sun continued.