What You Don’t Know About Marilyn Manson’s Ex-Assistant: Ashley Walters Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Who is Ashley Walters?

Ashley Walters is a photographer who worked as an assistant to Marilyn Manson. She has joined the chorus of women accusing the rocker of abusive behavior — and is now suing him over it. The Walters’ suit, filed Tuesday in Los Angeles, accuses Manson of sexual assault, battery, and harassment.

How old is Ashley Walters?

Ashley Walters is 37 years old as of the year 2021.

Ashley Walters Marilyn Manson

Walters is a photographer who worked with Manson after he reached out to her in 2010. The artist had first accused Manson in February 2021 where she posted a detailed account of what exactly happened with her. Walters revealed that Manson had invited her to collaborate on a photoshoot and as a fan of his work, she was initially “excited for the opportunity”.

However, things soon changed as she claimed that the singer-songwriter got close to her in order to gain information so that he could psychologically abuse her.

She was 26 years old at the time.

Ashley Walters Manson

Walters, 37, and Manson, 52, met in 2010 after he made contact via MySpace and the two subsequently discussed Walters’ photography work over the phone. She visited him at home, where he insisted on a late-night photo shoot, requesting at one point that she takes her shirt off. Walters alleges that after the shoot, Manson pushed her to his bed, restrained her with his body and attempted to kiss her, before he “moved behind Walters.

He also bit her ear while grabbing her hand and placing it in his underwear.”

Walters said she remembered thinking the incident “probably” didn’t count as assault, since things stopped at that point. She stayed in touch with Manson afterward, and eventually, he offered her the job as his personal assistant at double her then-salary.

According to The Cut, Ashley Walters filed a complaint on Tuesday, May 18, in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, alleging that the 52-year-old crooner was a terrifying boss who had violent outbursts. According to the complaint, he made Walters work for 48 hours straight and told his pals they could kiss and grope her. Manson was dropped by his talent agency and his manager when Bianco claimed that she was sexually assaulted over the course of her two-year-long relationship with the singer. The singer is now under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for alleged domestic violence.

Ashley Walters Photographer

Walters’ Instagram bio reveals she is a “Picture taker. Traveler. Cinephile. Music lover. Survivor.”

According to The Cut, the complaint filed by Walters reveals she first visited Manson’s West Hollywood home to look at his paintings and talk about art. However, after making her stay a little longer, he took her photographs in the name of “provocative art”. Walters revealed that she kept her bra on and after the photoshoot finished Manson pushed her on his bed, pinned her down and tried to kiss her. The complaint also states how Walters lived in constant fear of his angry outbursts. He even once mailed her a photo of Bianco’s cut-up back with the subject line: “See what happens?”

Walters told The Cut, “You just put your head down and you’re in survival mode. At the time I felt isolated like I couldn’t go anywhere.”

Ashley Walters Lawsuit

The lawsuit also focuses on how Manson introduced her to his influential industry friends and associates. The singer, whose real name is Brian Hughes Walker, expected Walters to please his friends, whether that meant bringing them food, flirting with them or letting them touch her. Citing one example, she mentioned how at an award show in September 2010 Manson “pushed Walters onto the lap of an actor and bragged that he could ‘have her,’”.

The lawsuit reads. “The actor proceeded to kiss Walters and keep her on his lap.” On another occasion, Manson introduced her to a director who repeatedly groped Walters and shoved his hand up her skirt while covering her mouth. Speaking on the same, she told The Cut, “It made me feel like I was his property.”

“It just made me feel like a piece of meat.”

Ashley Walters Facebook

Walters further alleges that Manson would “[offer her] up to his influential industry friends and associates,” telling one actor that he could “have her” and introducing her to a director who allegedly sexually abused her.

Manson fired Walters in 2011, before allegedly hacking into her Facebook account, accusing her of theft, and continuing to threaten her. He also persisted in texting her, though the suit says she humored his communications because she preferred to “have him as a friend as opposed to an enemy.”

Ashley Walters Instagram

It was Wood’s harrowing testimony against the singer that prompted Walters to take some action against what she experienced. Walters had not heard about the details but she knew Wood was talking about Manson as the torture details sounded exactly the same.


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Also, Wood and Bianco reached out to her in the fall of 2020 and they all began sharing stories.

She said, “A lot of the isolation and a lot of the psychological abuse was very similar to what I experienced.” She added, “Once I realized how many people had been affected, I couldn’t sit by and let this happen to anyone else. My end goal is just to hold him accountable.”

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