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Asheen Phansey Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Quick Facts You Need to Know

Asheen Phansey Bio

Asheen Phansey is the former Babson College professor who was fired after jokingly suggesting on Facebook that Iran’s leader should make a list of significant cultural sites in the United States to attack.
Phansey wrote that Ayatollah Khamenei could target the “Kardashian Residence” and the Mall of America.
Phansey deleted the post that was shared on his personal Facebook page and apologized for it. He told local news outlets in the Boston area that the post was a “bad attempt at humor” and that he was joking about the lack of ancient cultural sites in America compared to Iran. The comment was in response to President Donald Trump’s threat to attack 52 cultural sites important to Iran.
Babson College executives did not see Phansey’s comment in a humorous light. He was suspended on January 8, 2020 before being officially terminated the following day.
Subsequently, freedom of speech advocates for Phansey. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has asked Babson College to reinstate him, arguing that “it is a drain on credibility to read Phansey’s Post as a truly pro-violent act” and that the professor has the right to the President and criticize other people in power.
Heavy is working on contacting Mr. Phansey to inquire about the next steps and whether he intends to take legal action regarding his release.

Asheen Phansey Education

Asheen Phansey was associated with Babson College for nearly 15 years. He earned his MBA from the Babson F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business in 2008.

Asheen Phansey Career

He started teaching in the same year. Phansey explained on his LinkedIn page that he was a part-time professor. He taught MBA courses in entrepreneurship and marketing. Phansey also noted that he was “involved in developing the curriculum for a bachelor class entitled” Biomimicry & Business Ecology “.

Asheen Phansey Babson College

Phansey started a full-time position at Babson in February 2019. He was the director of sustainability. The department focuses on implementing campus-wide strategies to protect the environment. Phansey’s biography was deleted from the website, but he explained on LinkedIn that his job was working with “relevant stakeholders, including staff, faculties, students, alums, and outside actors, to promote, engage, and improve sustainability initiatives, culture, and education in all Areas included the Babson community. ”

Asheen Phansey Facebook

Asheen Phansey wrote the controversial Facebook post on January 7, 2020, as tensions between the United States and Iran flared up. Days earlier, President Trump wrote on Twitter that the US had identified 52 cultural sites that are important to Iran. He said the websites would be “hit very quickly and very hard” if Iran attacked American citizens or assets. The president said 52 locations were selected to represent the number of Americans detained during the Iranian hostage crisis that began in 1979.
Phansey wrote on Facebook in response: “In retaliation, Ayatollah Khomenei should tweet a list of 52 locations of beloved American heritage that he would bomb. Um … Mall of America? Kardashian residence? “The post has now been deleted, but the screenshots have been shared online.
The post met with great interest from online critics and asked Babson College to respond. Phansey was suspended the following day. Babson College has released a statement on its website:

“Babson College condemns any type of threatening words and/or actions condoning violence and/or hate. This particular post from a staff member on his personal Facebook page clearly does not represent the values and culture of Babson College. While we understand he has deleted the posts, we have immediately suspended him, with pay, pending the completion of our investigation. In addition, we are cooperating with local, state and federal authorities.”

Phansey released his own statement to local news agencies, insisting that his remark was not meant to be a call to violence. WCVB-TV released his apology, which he sent on January 8th.

“I regret my bad attempt at humor. As an American, born and raised, I was trying to juxtapose our ‘cultural sites’ with ancient Iranian churches and mosques. I am completely opposed to violence and would never advocate it by anyone. I am sorry that my sloppy humor was read as a threat. I condemn all acts of violence. I am particularly sorry to cause any harm or alarm for my colleagues at Babson, my beloved alma mater, and the place where I have enjoyed teaching students and serving as its sustainability director.”

Asheen Phansey Fired

Babson College announced plans to launch an investigation into Asheen Phansey’s Facebook post. The college said Phansey would be suspended for a fee in the meantime. However, the investigation only lasted one day. Babson College announced on January 9, two days after Phansey wrote the post, that he had been fired. The statement on the institution’s website read:

“Babson College conducted a prompt and thorough investigation related to a post shared on a staff member’s personal Facebook page that does not represent the values and culture of the College. Based on the results of the investigation, the staff member is no longer a Babson College employee. As we have previously stated, Babson College condemns any type of threatening words and/or actions condoning violence and/or hate.”