Artie Muller Bio

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Artie Muller Bio

Artie Muller Bio

Artie Muller is the executive director of Rolling Thunder, a veterans’ group that advocates on behalf of POWs. On May 30, Muller vowed that he and his members would stage a massive protest in Washington, DC if Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi starts impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Muller told the Washington Examiner that a huge group containing “not just bikers, but patriotic Americans” would converge on DC in support of the president. He added, “I think he’s doing a great job, and I wish Nancy Pelosi and her cronies would get off his back.”

The Examiner reports that over a million bikers traveled to DC for this year’s Rolling Thunder rally, meaning that if the group calls on its members to protest, the turnout for the event could be huge.

Artie Muller Bio

The co-founder of an annual military advocacy event that draws hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists to Washington says bikers will descend on Washington in protest if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – who he calls an ‘arrogant little b***h’ – moves to impeach Donald Trump.

The ‘Rolling Thunder’ ride draws more than 500,000 riders, largely military veterans, each Memorial Day, but next year Americans will see multiple local events instead of one giant demonstration that snarls traffic and would bring the nation’s capital to a standstill if it weren’t held on a holiday.

Artie Mueller, who helped organize the first ride in 1987, thinks the threat of returning en masse as a response to a presidential impeachment, along with other ‘patriotic Americans’ who don’t ride motorcycles, could change some minds in D.C.

He said during a speech Monday on the National Mall that Pelosi should lose her seat in Congress for presiding over a series of investigations that threaten to make the second half of Trump’s first term an endless series of headaches.

He’s a 74 Year Old Vietnam Veteran who Says He Burned Down Villages to Save Lives

Muller is a retired US Army Sergeant who served in the 4th U.S. Infantry Division in Vietnam. In 1987, he co-founded Rolling Thunder because, he said, he was dismayed by the US government’s treatment of MIA servicemembers and prisoners of war. Muller said that he wanted his group to call attention to the plight of the thousands of servicemembers being held in prisons around the world. He vowed that his group would not rest until all service members were brought home.

During an interview with the New York Times in 2003, Muller said that he fought in Vietnam when he was 21. He told the Times that he burned down villages in North Vietnam because he believed he was saving lives; Muller said he extended his tour for the same reason. But he told the Times that coming home to the US was a challenge and that, for years, he didn’t talk about his experience. ”You’re spending all that time in a combat zone and then whoosh! they throw you back in society and you can’t cope,”he said.

Artie Muller Bio

According to Rolling Thunder’s website, Muller’s co-founder Ray Manzo was removed from Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally’s board of directors in 1997. That’s when Muller was appointed Permanent Rolling Thunder Run Commander. The group also voted Muller onto Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally’s board of directors. In 1999, board members asked Muller to also serve as Chairman of the Board for Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally.

He & His Wife Elaine Have 2 Grown Sons & Live in New Jersey

Muller grew up in Elizabeth, New Jersey. His father was a machinist. At 21, he went to fight in Vietnam. But, as he told the New York Times, his return to New Jersey was very difficult. Muller said it was hard to “cope” with returning to society and that at first he tried not to talk about his experience in Vietnam. He got married and found work as a contractor. He and his wife, Elaine, raised two sons and bought a home in the quiet, New Jersey countryside.

Artie Muller Bio

Muller said he became concerned about the plight of POWs during a veterans’ meeting in the mid-1980s. He co-founded Rolling Thunder in 1987 with Ray Manzo.

He Calls Nancy Pelosi an ‘Arrogant Little B****’ & Says Charges Should Be Brought Against Her

Muller told the Washington Examiner that he considers Nancy Pelosi to be an “arrogant little b****.” He said that both she and Hillary Clinton should face charges, although he didn’t specify why. “Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi should open up their closets and put some charges against them,” he said.

Muller says that he and members of Rolling Thunder will stage a huge protest in Washington DC if Pelosi opens an impeachment proceeding against President Trump. The group’s recent Memorial Day meeting drew one million bikers, according to the Examiner.

Muller Co-Founded Rolling Thunder in 1987 & Named It After the Bombing Campaign Carried Out in Northern Vietnam

Rolling Thunder advocates on behalf of veterans, prisoners of war, and MIA soldiers. The group was founded in 1987. It takes its name from Operation Rolling Thunder, the bombing campaign that the US carried out in northern Vietnam from 1965 to 1968.

Muller co-founded by Artie Muller and Ray Manzo, another Vietnam veteran. The two men agreed to start Rolling Thunder because they felt that the government was turning a blind eye to the plight of US service members who had gone missing in action or were being held as prisoners of war around the world. Since 1988, the group has held an annual meeting on Memorial Day weekend in Washington, DC. Members ride up on motorcycles and announce their arrival by revving their engines. The group’s websitesays,


Artie Muller Bio

“Their arrival would be announced by the roar of their motorcycles, a sound not unlike the 1965 bombing campaign against North Vietnam dubbed Operation Rolling Thunder. Hence, they would call themselves “Rolling Thunder®, Inc.”

In 2019, Muller announced that Rolling Thunder was holding its final memorial day ride.

Muller Played Himself in the 2008 Documentary ‘Leave No Soldier’

Muller appeared in the 2008 documentary “Leave No Soldier.” The documentary, directed by Donna Basin, tells the story of two generations of American service members as they become activists fighting for the rights of POWs.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Annual Memorial Day ‘Rolling Thunder’ motorcycle demonstration had its final planned mass-mobilization for military veterans this week in D.C.
  • But the group’s co-founder says a flood of bikers will descend on Washington again in protest of Donald Trump is impeached
  • Artie Mueller called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a n ‘arrogant little b***h’ for investigating the president instead of pursuing pro-military issues
  • The 74-year-old Vietnam veteran wants more movement sorting out the final status of prisoners of war reported as ‘missing’ during armed conflicts
  • Muller says Pelosi should be tossed out of Congress for pestering Trump with ‘bulls**t’ and her family should be investigated