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Arnaud Helderal Wiki – Arnaud Helderal Biography

A DPD driver was named Britain’s ‘most cheerful delivery man’ after he was caught singing and dancing on camera while dropping his Christmas package.


The doorbell footage shows Arnaud Helderal using the pack as a drum on his way to the front door in Bexleyheath, London.


She sang to herself “Sunday morning, it’s Christmas time” as she danced in the driveway to deliver the package.


The driver did not know that as he approached the house he sang “what a beautiful Sunday morning”, the improvisation concert was recorded.


Even before passing through the door, the driver can be heard shooting the package and saying his own words.


After ringing the bell, the driver, identified by DPD as Arnaud, continues to sing and dance until someone answers the door.


Gemma McPherson was waiting for a pair of trainers to be delivered when her day was cheered up by the festive courier.


He shared the clip of the driver in DPD’s Thames repository to a local Facebook group on December 8 and now has 3.2K views.


He wrote: ‘Today is our DPD delivery driver. So cheerful and festive … it will make you smile! ‘


Ms. McPherson added that she saw her days later and ‘said she was viral’.


‘He also said that I called DPD and nominated him for an award and he was very surprised and everyone was yours,’ he said.


But he wasn’t the only one who noticed the holiday spirit, other locals also said they heard him sing on delivery.


Someone said, ‘I saw him the same day. He was singing Christmas carols on my way and saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to everyone who passed me. It was so cute. ‘


Another said, ‘A very happy man handed it over to me yesterday and bless him was singing.’ Said.


Now the Bexleyheath community is calling on DPD to make the cheerful worker “employee of the month”.


Another one should be ‘Employee of the Month. He must be the most cheerful delivery man in the UK!


Looks like he really enjoys his job. This is beautiful. If only there were more people like him in the world. ‘