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Ariana Pekary is a former MSNBC producer, who publicly quit her job and posted an open letter that decried cable news in general as a “cancer” that “risks human lives.”
Pekary’s letter went viral Monday night, when she posted it publicly. In it, she said she had wanted to quit working at MSNBC for at least two years, but was advised to “stick it out” until a number of different benchmarks. It took the coronavirus pandemic and the media’s involvement in it to inspire her to quit on July 24, she said.
Conservative media, including Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, jumped into the story as evidence of the “ultra-left” bias often attributed to the MSNBC by the Republicans. However, Pekary said in his letter that all cable news is partly responsible for the country’s division situation.
According to the Linkedin profile, Pekary started his career as a production assistant at NPR in 2002 and worked for a number of radio stations, including being a producer on Sirius XM Satellite Radio for six years.
In 2013, he started working with Alec Baldwin as producer for Up Late, and for six more years he became a bookstore and segment producer.
At MSNBC, an Emmy-nominated feature in public housing has produced a feature and “tried to highlight stories that help explain what’s usually under the floor under the screen,” wrote in his profile. According to his website, Pekary worked with Lawrence O’Donnell in the most important news analysis The Last Word.
He won Robert F. Kennedy Radio Sigma Delta Chi Journalism Award for radio documentary and Radio Television Digital News Association award for radio documentary. According to the website, he received an Emmy nomination for a segment he produced for the Final Word.
“In general, [Pekary], who is more comfortable behind the scenes than in front of a microphone, is happy to distill the stories that are necessary for the public who have come to the root of the subject,” he wrote on his website. “He was raised on a farm in the Virginia countryside, so before that he brings logical pragmatism and sincere commitment to every project and is not afraid to get his hands dirty.”
According to his open letter, Pekary’s last day in MSNBC was July 24.
In his letter, Pekary said that a friend a year and a half recommended that he quit MSNBC after raising concerns. My friend said, “You just quit. It’s that simple.”
However, other friends told him to “go out” first with the 2018 midterm elections. Someone said to him, “Stay there… You need it. I was in your shoes when I was little but I took it off. ”
In his letter, Pekary said that cable news is a “cancer” that is “untreated” in the United States and threatens lives with coronavirus pandemic anger. And, the only wired news with this view is far from the inside.
“All commercial networks work the same way,” he said, and this fact is well known in the industry. “We are cancer and no cure,” Pekary said to a TV expert. “But if you can find a cure, it will change the world.”
According to Pekary, the main problem with cable news is that it inflames existing episodes because the networks have an incentive to “raise echo sounds and events” for the sake of rating. This problem said that networks are larger due to the way they cover coronavirus, with most coverage focused on Trump addressing the crisis rather than real science and security information.
Pekary also received cable news in the 2020 presidential election to focus on Trump instead of his former Vice President Joe Biden’s rival. He further alleged that he saw the issue of voting by mail several times being ignored or “killed”.
Some voices on Twitter raised Pekary’s letter with and without comments. Sasha Walek, a former MSNBC reservation maker and current health communications manager, said Pekary’s letter was “spot on.”

“If I was brave enough to write something like that when I left the cable news,” Walek said. “While many smart and well-intentioned people were working on the news, nuanced discourse and reporting were sacrificed for ratings. The October division and hyper partisanship are quite profitable. ”
Former MSBNC host Krystal Ball also re-tweeted Pekary’s letter and voiced his sentence that cable news is a “cancer.”
The MSNBC spokesman told Heavy that the network “takes the public trust given to us very seriously and even takes it more seriously in today’s unprecedented news environment.”
“It is our responsibility to cover stories that are critical to our audience,” he said. “They rely on our hosts, reporters, and contributors to go to places where breaking news and facts lead, ask challenging questions, and go into stories with deep analysis. We encourage discussion and differences in viewpoints in our newsroom because it makes the product better. ”
The network is currently experiencing its top ratings since it went live 24 years ago, and Hill is second only to Fox News on cable news networks.
The Pew Research Center investigated where Americans got their political news at the end of 2019, and found Fox News as # 1, and 16 percent of viewers surveyed, noting that it was the main source of the network. MSNBC ranked sixth on the list, pointing to 4 percent of the audience on the network.