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Who is Areyelle Yarbrough?

An Alabama woman Areyelle Yarbrough is dead and several children are recovering from injuries after gunshots blasted into a crowd on Easter Sunday.

WBRC reports that the incident happened in Birmingham, in the 3900 block of 14th Avenue North and Sipsey Street, where a crowd of hundreds had gathered at Patton Park to celebrate Easter.

How old was Areyelle Yarbrough?

According to the Bessemer Police Department, authorities found 37-year-old Areyelle Yarbrough dead on the ground near the passenger side of a car. Several others were shot, including three teens, a 21-year-old, and a 5-year-old. They are said to be in stable condition.

Other Victims

The 5-year-old, identified as Justice Holness, was shot in the lungs. He’s currently on a breathing tube, according to his mother, and is responsive at times.

Police said it appears as if an altercation between two groups of males led to the shootings. At this time, no suspects are in custody but authorities believe that there were several shooters involved.

“It’s pathetic, why you come in the park with assault riffles and guns, why you doing that? It’s a park full of kids, bullets aint got no eyes,” neighbor Abraham Rogers told ABC 33.

According to friends, Yarbrough was the daughter of Reverend Michael Yarbrough, of the Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church.

Radio personality Rickey Smiley, who knew Yarborough while growing up, is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who can help authorities capture the suspects.

“Now this family is going to be affected by this forever,” Smiley said. “They”ll never get their daughter back. I remember when her mother was pregnant with her and she sung in the choir, 4.0 grade point average in school to get her master’s degree in business and she’s dead and when is it going to stop?”

“It’s time for the community to stand up. Everybody was out there at the park on Facebook live you know who did it. You got the videos. Turn it into the police department because if it was your family member you would want somebody to help solve the murder if you were affected by crime,” Smiley continued.

The victim’s ages range from 32 years old to 5 years old.

The shooting broke out shortly before 7 p.m. in the 3900 block of 14th Avenue North and Sipsey Street at Patton Park, as hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the Easter holiday.


Birmingham Police said Areyelle Yarbrough of Bessemer was found shot to death lying on the ground just outside the passenger door of her car.

A 21-year-old, a 17-year-old, a 16-year-old, a 15-year-old and a 5-year-old were also shot. The victims were transported to an area hospital, their condition is listed as stable.

The 5-year-old boy, Justice, woke up on his own Tuesday morning and was taken off the ventilator. His mother says he is talking on his own.

According to police, a preliminary investigation suggests an altercation among two groups of males led to the shooting.

Evidence collected indicates over 30 rounds were fired. Detectives have obtained witness accounts; however additional witnesses are encouraged to come forward.

No suspects are in custody at this time.

Officers believe multiple shooters were involved.

Comedian and radio personality Rickey Smiley, a Birmingham native, is offering a $5,000 reward to help solve the case. Smiley said Yarbrough is the daughter of Pastor Yarbrough and a young woman he watched grow up.

Smiley said Yarbrough was killed trying to protect children at the park.

Smiley said, “We need these people off the streets and we need the support behind the Birmingham Police Department.”

Birmingham Urban League offered an additional $5,000 Monday afternoon, bringing the reward total to $10,000 for information in the case.