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April Lynn Kuchta Wright

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Prosecutors last year charged Levi’s sister, 27-year-old April Lynn Kuchta Wright and her wife, Rachel Rose Wright, also 27, with one count each of murder, aggravated battery, neglect of a dependent resulting in death, and battery of a person less than 14 years old.

April Lynn Kuchta Age

She is 27 years old.

April Lynn Kuchta Arrested

On Tuesday, Dr. Zhou Wang of the Lake County Coroner’s Office took the stand in connection with the death of 10-year-old Leviticus “Levi” Kuchta, who was found deceased on October 12, 2020. Levi’s older sister, 27-year-old April Lynn Kuchta Wright, and her wife, Rachel Rose Wright, also 27, have both been charged in connection with the boy’s death.

April Lynn Kuchta and Wife Rachel Rose Wright

Both suspects have pleaded not guilty to the charges against them, which include murder, aggravated battery, battery, and neglect of a dependent causing death.

According to Wang, wounds covered Levi’s body, with old and new bruising found on his hands, arm, legs, groin, testicles, ears, face, right hip, feet, and scalp. Levi died after suffering two dislocations, the doctor said. One of the dislocations was between the two vertebrae in his neck and another between the base of his spine and skull, Nwi.com reports.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Levi had originally been in the custody of his grandparents (his mother was incarcerated in the Indiana Women’s Prison after being convicted of a drug offense). April Wright reportedly volunteered to take her brother in after their grandfather died in August 2020.

Leviticus “Levi” Kuchta Found Dead

Levi was found dead inside his sister’s Merrillville home, off of Fillmore Court, that she shared with Rachel Wright. Levi was reportedly living with his sister while his mother was in prison on a drug conviction.

Responding police officers arrived at the home after a call about an unresponsive child. They found Levi on his bed inside a home described as being in “deplorable” condition.

April Wright’s attorney, Mark Gruenhagen, and Rachel Wright’s attorney, John Cantrell, did not immediately respond to emails from Law&Crime. The attorneys will reportedly get to cross-examine Dr. Wang during a bail hearing currently scheduled for Nov. 5.

In 2016, Rachel Wright made the news for showing up at a jail and demanding that she be taken into custody.

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