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Who is Antony Newton Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & More Facts

Antony Newton Wiki – Antony Newton Biography

This is the moment when a group of BASE jumpers recreated a Quidditch game from Harry Potter.


The footage shows the BASE jumper as Antony Newton and his friends launch themselves from the 650ft mountain in the Lauterbrunnen region of the Swiss Alps.


One counts down before shouting: The levitation attraction used in popular movies is ‘Wingardium Leviosa’.


The group then fly over the edge of the cliff on brooms they make with branches they find nearby.


The men descend into the sky as if they were flying before releasing their parachutes.


Antony from Lorraine, in northeast France, filmed herself and her friends jumping off a cliff to celebrate their 500th jumps.


He said: ‘500. We decided to do something funny for my jumping friends.


The idea of ​​jumping with broomsticks came after watching Harry Potter a few days ago.


We did the brooms with the surrounding branches and jumped off the cliff together. This stunt has been prepared and informed. He has years of experience. ‘


BASE jumping is a recreational sport done by jumping from fixed objects using a parachute to land safely on the ground.


This is an acronym that refers to the four categories of fixed objects that you can skip: building, antenna, span, and ground.