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Angry California Restaurant Owner Confronts COVID-19 Inspectors: Anton Van Happen Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Anton Van Happen Biography – Anton Van Happen Wiki

Anton Van Happen is a California businessman and entrepreneur who is the owner of the Nick the Greek restaurant in Ventura. A video of him confronting health officials over COVID-19 restrictions went viral on social media on December 14.

The video was published by Ventura Report and has more than 1.5 million views. According to Ventura Report’s tweets, the reporter was in the restaurant chain franchise to interview Van Happen, and Ventura County Public Health Department officials appeared. Public health officials offered a quote to Van Happen for violating his order to immediately stop all business on East Main Street due to a violation of coronavirus restrictions.


According to a photo of the closure order issued by Ventura Report, Van Happen was told to close his business on December 11 because it poses a “serious threat to public health and safety in light of the State of COVID-19 and local emergency. The decision requires that Greek Nick be closed by the public health department or until the government’s home stay order is lifted.


According to an excerpt published in the Ventura Report, public health inspectors went to Van Happen’s job on December 14 and observed that he was still open and selling food. Van Happen was shown to work without a valid authorization, but said he intends to continue violating the shutdown order, according to the investigators’ citation report.

What you need to know about Anton Van Happen and a video of his showdown with health officials at the Greek restaurant Nick the Greek in Ventura, California:


In the viral video, Van Happen can be seen yelling at Ventura County public health investigators, “I followed the rules, I keep following the rules, and as time goes on you’re still telling me to quote and turn off the job, what about my employees?” “I follow the rules. My tables are inside. Since the health department has a whole process that needs to go through, no matter how long it takes, I have to close my job.” Then they said, “Will you pay my rent?” He asks.

The health inspector says he later chose to make the decision that led to the shutdown. “I chose to protest by putting my tables outside,” replies Van Happen. “I’ve never served a single person out there. I’ve done takeout and delivery, just what I have to do. I haven’t broken any rules. ”


The health inspector said he was breaking the law by working without permission. The other video showed more engagement.


In an earlier interview with Ventura Report, Van Happen said, “As intensive care units became more concentrated and more people went to hospitals, they closed off eating outdoors. Has this slowed down since outdoor dining was closed? No. Lots of people still get COVIDs and there are still a lot of people in hospitals. Why is that? Everything is still open as the retail outlets are still open. … It is unfair to us restaurant owners. We love it for whatever reason. ”


Van Happen told KEYT on December 11, “I’m trying to start something that will awaken all restaurant owners. Open your restaurants to all other restaurant owners I have been looking for. If we all open up, they can’t do anything. ”


Van Happen opened Ventura Nick the Greek franchise in May despite the epidemic. According to Ventura County Star, the California-based restaurant chain was founded in 2014 by three cousins ​​named Nick and has 12 locations throughout the state. Company founders could not be reached for comment on Van Happen.


“We signed our lease, knowing that the coronavirus started and was happening, but before we knew the house-stay rules, Van Happen told the newspaper in May after the restaurant opened. “We continued building because our food is not expensive and still needs to be eaten by everyone. We are now focusing on building our reputation in the community. ”


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Van Happen is also the founder and CEO of Eco Green Auto Clean in Redwood, California, according to his LinkedIn profile. He has been running this business since 2011.

“Anton Van Happen, founder of Eco Green Auto Clean, came up with the virtually waterless car wash, as a practical solution to a monumental problem. California is in the midst of a 100-year drought. Some cities have water restrictions, while the writing is on the wall for statewide limitations,” according to a website touting his company’s partnership with Tesla. “So far, business on weekends has tripled since opening in 2012. Consumers are worried about the drought and are being proactive to save water any way they can. If the state-wide restriction is implemented, then the business can grow exponentially. The business started as a stand-alone car wash in Redwood City, California. The basic premise: use environmentally-friendly products and, as little water as possible, to wash each car. There are many of us that think they can come up with ideas as practical and life-changing.”

Before starting his own business, Van Happen was a retail store director at Villa Happ in the Netherlands and a store manager at Abercrombie & Fitch in California. He also spent time as vice president of sales and business for a dental supply company, according to his LinkedIn.

According to the Ventura County Star, Van Happen was born in Hong Kong to a Dutch-Filipino family. According to his LinkedIn profile, he graduated from Menlo College in 2008 with a business management degree. He was a member of the football team in college. Van Happen is also a graduate of the Antwerp International School.


He told in 2016: “I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. We were one of the first to move to Hong Kong in the 1950s and 60s to start manufacturing clothing for US and European brands. I’ve always been around the business ever since I could remember. When I was old enough to start doing business, I thought of nothing but establishing and growing my own companies. ”


According to What Now Los Angeles, Van Happen plans to open more Nick the Greek franchise locations, including Thousand Oaks and Santa Monica. In October 2020, he told What Now Los Angeles: “Come next year, we will have a better idea of ​​where to put the other places.”


Van Happen also owns A Touch of Las Vegas Spa in Nevada, according to his Facebook page.


In November, Van Happen shared a screenshot of a tweet from Elon Musk that said something extremely bogus was happening about COVID-19. Tested four times for covid today. Two tests were negative, two were positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse. Rapid antigen test from BD. ”


Van Happen added above the screen shot “For those of you who are pure enough to believe the media”.


Van Happen also criticized Uber Eats on Facebook in November for a program the company launched to support Black-owned businesses. Van Happen said, “A lawsuit is pending for Uber. He’s very racist. ”


In April, he shared a video from Tucker Carlson discussing that media and country leaders are addicted to doom and gloom. Van Happen added to his post: “Facts! Numbers don’t lie.”



Van Happen received some criticism on social media, but he also received support from all over the country, including orders and tips to help his business and employees. In a video released by Ventura Report, Van Happen received a phone call from someone in Alaska who ordered $ 100 worth of food as a gift and also gave a $ 100 tip.


He also received support from the Trump family. Donald Trump Jr. He retweeted the video and said, “I need more of that or the politicians will never stop their economies from destroying power. Lockups are not based on science. The politicians and media pirates who still support them are actively destroying lives, but they don’t care as paychecks are out of the question. ”


Ivanka Trump said, “These blanket locks aren’t based on science. These arbitrary rules imposed by callous politicians ruin lives. It’s wrong for small business owners to struggle so hard to keep their American dreams alive. ”


Others pushed back the idea that it should be allowed to be open. One Twitter user said, “I feel the pain of this guy. But I also trust science.” Right now there are rules. I can’t imagine having a job right now. If the damn government was doing its job and completing it, things would be different. Pity our state. The Trumfs government. pity. ”


Another Twitter user said, “It shouldn’t open, but it shouldn’t pay rent either. Banks shouldn’t charge interest on loans. The government should cover the maintenance and payroll costs of homeowners and restaurant. It’s time for banks to absorb this.”