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Black passenger arrested in viral TikTok: Antoine Lee Wedington Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Antoine Lee Wedington Biography

Antoine Lee Wedington Biography – Antoine Lee Wedington Wikipedia

A viral TikTok showing Antoine Lee Wedington being aggressively pulled out of the passenger seat after refusing to show his ID forced police in Maryland to respond Saturday, noting that the man had warrants out for his arrest.

Mother Arundel County police said the 23-year-old man repeatedly refused to get out of the vehicle alone, forcing officers to act.


In the cell phone video recorded on October 19, Antoine Lee Wedington sits in the passenger seat of a vehicle. The images that were later posted on TikTok were viewed 4.4 million times since then and received nearly 170,000 comments.


Police say they pulled driver Heather Janney aside as she was driving 45 mph in a 30-mile zone. Addressing the camera his girlfriend was holding, Wedington said, “How is it legal to get the passenger’s identity if they pulled him over to get a traffic ticket?” He asks.


Two officers then grabbed Wedington, one by her foot and the other by her neck, and asked why she could not take her time when she got out of the car.

“Don’t you see I’m on the phone,” he said, telling the officers to get away from him.


“Give me a kiss, baby,” Wedington said, leaning calmly towards his girlfriend. He asked again why he could not get out of the car. “We gave you more than one chance,” an officer replies.


Do you understand that you were arrested? another officer asks from outside the vehicle.


Do you understand that they pull me like a dog? I’m human, ”says Wedington. He tells the officers that there is a child in the car and repeats that he wants to get out on his own while holding the car’s door frame and roof.


Anne Arundel County Police Department made a statement on Saturday, after receiving intense criticism on the internet, that “a video broadcast via social media is featured in national and local media”. It was posted on the department’s Twitter page with the hashtag #Restofstory.


“We found it necessary to provide the necessary contextual information missing from the video in order to provide clarity to our community members and viewers,” the statement said.


The department said the officers imposed traffic enforcement in the Shady Side Road and Deal Churchton Road area and at approximately 3:18 pm. He pulled a vehicle over to speed on 19 October.


“While completing the traffic stop, officers received information about the identity of the passenger, Antoine Lee Wedington. Officers learned through Anne Arundel County of Wedington that there were two active arrest warrants on file. At that time, officers informed Wedington of active arrest warrants and his arrest.”


The officers asked Wedington to get out of the vehicle, but after giving him “lots of verbal requests” and “lots of opportunities” to get out “willingly”, according to the department, he still refused. It was then that the police officers “physically pulled him out of the vehicle and arrested him”.


In the statement, Wedington did not complain of any injuries during the arrest.


The driver was reported for a traffic violation and released at the scene. Wedington was transferred to the county detention center and charged with resisting the arrest.


Police told Fox 5 DC that Wedington had been sought out of court and receiving a second retake order from the parole commission. Officers said they knew Wedington during the traffic stop and were able to identify him based on the station.


Wedington told the officers in the video that he did not give any identification before taking him out of the car.


The video was originally posted by Janney to TikTok and told TMZ that the couple could take legal action against the police department.