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Anthony Tony Todt (Celebration Florida) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family Missing, Net Worth, Wife (Megan Todt)

Anthony Tony Todt Bio

Anthony Tony Todt and Megan Todt are a Connecticut and Florida couple whose family members say suddenly went missing, along with their three young children.

Anthony Tony Todt Career

On LinkedIn, Tony Todt said he was the owner of Family Physical Therapy in Colchester and East Hampton Connecticut for more than 11 years. He listed no other employment. He wrote that he had an MSPT in Physical Therapy from Sacred Heart University.
The Facebook page for Family Physical Therapy describes it as the following: “At Family PT in CT, we use patient-centered approaches to focus on the whole individual, together, as a family. Our experienced clinicians will help you set and reach your goals – from improving daily tasks to training athletes. No matter the cause, we will create a plan that will ensure your success each time you walk through our door!”

Anthony Tony Todt Missing

Anthony Tony Todt Family members and friends created a Facebook page for the missing Todt’s called “Looking for the Todt Family.” They say that they last heard from the Todt family on January 6, 2020, via a text from Tony. Family posts indicated that the couple was from Colchester, Connecticut but was spending time in Celebration, Florida. Tony’s full name is Anthony Todt. Family members indicated on Facebook that the missing Todt family consists of Tony, Megan, Alek, Tyler, Zoe, and their dog Breezy.

Finding Missing Family Facebook Post

Chrissy Todt Caplet wrote on Facebook, “This is a very personal post but we are asking for your help. Please let me know the last time you have spoken to, texted or messaged my brother Tony, Meg or the kids. In due time we can explain but right now we are looking for them and are worried.”

Good morning everyone. I just want to say thank you to all of the wonderful people who are trying to help, in a positive way, to find my brother Tony Todt and his wife Megan Todt. I have a good relationship with my brother. These last few days have been really hard for me and my family. I find it enraging that some people feel the need to exploit others pain. I have seen some pretty upsetting posts about theories and nasty things being said about my sisters. To those people, I pray that you are never in this position and you should be ashamed of yourself. Tony if you happen to come across this please let us know that you guys are ok. We love you and you are terribly missed. 😥

After the above post Folwing post Updated in the group

I am so sorry to report that 4 bodies have been found (not identified) in celebration, Florida today. Tony is at the hospital. We have no further details and we will update you when we know more. Please pray for the family

Amanda Dukes, a journalist with WESH-TV, shared the above photo of a man being arrested and wrote on Twitter, “Neighbors in Celebration say this is a photo of a man being arrested today by @OsceolaSheriff deputies at 202 Reserve place, a home where they are doing a death investigation. One neighbor says they had called police after not seeing the family’s children for several days.”

Authorities have not confirmed the name of the man under arrest or even that he is, nor have they confirmed that the death investigation relates to the Todt family. However, here’s a screenshot from Florida court records on the eviction showing the same address for the Todts:

Todt Family Fast Facts You Need to Know:

  • The whole family has not been heard from since 1/6/2020
  • Last heard from via text on 1/6/2020, last seen 12/15/2019 with a packed car leaving their residence
  • Tony (father) Megan (Mother) and their three children
  • The family lives in Celebration, FL but also has a physical therapy clinic in CT
  • Some (I don’t know if all) of Tony’s appointments after thanksgiving were canceled (see photo below)
  • CT & FL authorities are involved, no media as of yet.
  • All of their vehicles are accounted for
  • The children are homeschooled

If you know the Todt family or have spoken to them, please go to this Facebook group and give the family any information that you have. They are looking for any information. When you spoke with them last, when you saw them last.