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Anthony Sabatini is a Republican member of the Florida House of Representatives who is suing Hillsborough County over its recent mandate that people inside almost all businesses wear face masks.
Fox 35 reported that Sabatini filed similar lawsuits in Leon County and DeLand city. The team in Hillsborough County, however, was particularly noteworthy because it is responsible for letting business owners wear masks and the district had the biggest one-day increase in coronavirus cases this week.
In a CNN interview Wednesday, Sabatini believes that their mask duties are unconstitutional and cause “bullying” and harassment by business employees and government officials.

Hillsborough County Has Adopted a Strict Mask-Wearing Policy for All Indoor Businesses After Experiencing a 44.5-Percent Uptake in Cases in 1 Week

According to the county website, Hillsborough County has been under a state of emergency since March 12 and has experienced a weekly increase in positive cases of 44.5 percent in early July.
On 22 June, the county’s Emergency Policy Group made an executive order requiring people to wear masks in public. And on July 6, he expanded and adapted it to require all employees and customers in indoor businesses to wear face coverings when there was no social distance. Business owners are also responsible for ensuring that people follow the order of execution in their own business.

The executive order provides exceptions for children under 8, people observing social distancing, people with a health condition precluding then from wearing a mask and employees who don’t come into contact with other people.

Businesses and people who don’t comply could face a civil violation and a $150 fine, according to the executive order.

Anthony Sabatini Lawsuit

Sabatini, who is also a lawyer, filed a Hillsborough case on behalf of local farmer Eric Gonyon on June 27.
Sabyon’s case Gonyon has a medical condition that makes it impossible to wear a mask and also claims to be negatively affected by enforcing the rule on its customers.
According to Sabatini, the order also violates the Florida State Constitution.
“The enforcement order is a radical violation of the reasonable and legitimate privacy expectation that most Floridians expect to have their own physical and facial autonomy in addition to their medical privacy,” he wrote. “The plaintiff’s medical privacy will continue to be and will continue to be violated by the enforcement order, which requires both a mask and an investigation, and any visitor who visits his business [a] to wear a mask.”
Sabatini also claims that the order is irrelevant to the purpose of arbitrary and “flattening the curve” of new hospitalizations and violates Floridians’ rights. It wants a temporary injunction that stops the enforcement order and a declaration of judgment that considers it unconstitutional.
Hillsborough County has yet to respond, according to court records.