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Anne Storm Pedersen Wiki

Billionaire businessman Anders Holch Povlsen, 46, and his wife, Anne Storm Pedersen, lost three of their four children in the series of bombs that went off in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. The family was staying at the Shangri La Hotel, one of the popular five-star hotels targeted by the terrorists on Sunday morning that killed 290 people.

It remains unclear which three of the Povlsen’s children were killed, or which of the eight attacks they were involved with, Jesper Stubkier, communications manager for for Holch Povlsen’s wholesale fashion business Bestseller told the AP “We have no further comment and we ask that the family’s privacy is respected at this time.”

Anne Storm Pedersen, 42, the wife of the richest man in Denmark, shares with her husband the title of owning the most land in Scotland. In addition to being the mother of their four children, Pedersen also sits on the board of Bestseller. While their wealth would normally put the couple on the front pages of many newspapers and magazines, Holch Povlsen has an estimated net worth of 5.7 billion according to Bloomberg, the couple keeps their private life low-key, and rarely do public interviews.

10 Facts You Need to Know About Anne Storm Pedersen

  • She and Her Husband Own 11 Cottages, A Castle & 221,000 Acres in Scotland
  • While Anne now sits on Bestseller’s board of directors, she started in the company in sales
  • Anne Met Anders While Working in Sales at Bestseller
  • She Has Four Children, Three of Which Died in Sri Lanka
  • The couple has three daughters and one son, Agnes, Alma, Astrid, and Alfred
  • The Family Was Threatened to Be Murdered By an Extortionist
  • Anne Converts Farmhouses into Luxury Vacation Rentals
  • The entire family was in town visiting Colombo for the holiday.
  • The 42-year-old woman is passionate about interior design
  • Anne hired architect Nicholas Groves-Raines, who specializes in refurbishing old buildings, to make the farmhouse livable without losing its original charm and layout.