Rape and Murder of 9 Year-Old Girl Man Arrested: Angie Housman Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Angie Housman Biography

Angie Housman Biography

Angie Housman Biography

Angie Housman was nine when she vanished after getting off of a school bus in 1993 in the St. Ann suburb of St. Louis. According to Dailymail.

Detectives used DNA evidence to identify a suspect in the rape and murder of a young girl in Missouri 25 years ago.

Her body was found tied to a tree nine days later by a deer hunter in a remote section of Busch Wildlife Area in St. Charles County.

Using recent advances in DNA analysis, scientists matched to an Air Force veteran, 61, and convicted pedophile, according to the St Louis Post-Dispatch.

The man is a pedophile and an international online child pornography purveyor, sources familiar with the case told the publication.

It is understood the suspect was born and raised in St. Louis and joined the Air Force in 1975.

Angie Housman Was Abducted on Nov. 18, 1993

Angie Housman Biography

According to St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Nine-year-old Angie Housman was abducted from her home on Wright Avenue in St. Ann, Missouri where she lived with her mother, stepfather and younger brother. She had just gotten off the school bus.

The efforts of hundreds of police officers and volunteers who searched the surrounding area fell short. Nine days later, a deer hunter found her body tied to a tree in Busch Wildlife Area in St. Charles County.

Angie was starved, handcuffed, raped, and her eyes and mouth were covered with duct tape. Authorities believe she died from exposure mere hours before she was found.

It Was An Unfortunate Coincidence That No One Witnessed Angie’s Abduction

Angie Housman Biography

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that one neighbor who usually stood guard at her window to watch children get off the bus did not do so that day, and another neighbor who also watched the afternoon drop-offs from her front porch was away taking care of her sick father.

Following Angie’s abduction, unmarked police cars tailed the buses and schools instituted a buddy system to ensure that no children were left alone.

Another fluke regarding the case, it is also reported that police might have been closer to identifying the killer than they knew. Cox had connections to the area as well as previous child molestation convictions and arrests. Four years after Angie’s murder, the FBI put together a list of sex offenders and Cox’s name was on it, although he was never questioned.

Cox Was Charged With Murder, Kidnapping & Sodomy on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The St. Charles Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar announced the charges of the suspect, 61-year-old Earl Cox, accused of killing and torturing Angie Housman in 1993.

“We are pleased to announce that we have a suspect, that we have formally charged an individual with the abduction, murder and sexual assault of Angie Housman,” Lohmar said.

Angie Housman Biography

Lohmar’s office has charged Cox with murder in the first degree, kidnapping in the first degree and sodomy. When asked if he would consider pursuing the death penalty, Lohmar said it was too early to know, but suggested that this crime is deserving of such punishment.

“This case is unique in many ways because it captured the attention of so many of us who grew up here, including myself, so many of us who were in law enforcement community at the time, and just so many people who lived in this region who were frightened and terrified that something of this magnitude could happen to a little child in our community,” Lohmar said.

Angie’s Brother Was Born After She Was Killed & Her Mother Died Before the Killer Was Found

After Angie’s death, her parents, Ron and Diane Bone, lived at the two-bedroom duplex on Wright Avenue for a few more years. Diane Bone reportedly sank into depression. She died of cancer in November 2016.

“She’d see the street … and the bus stop and bust down crying,” Ron Bone told St. Lous Post-Dispatch. “She wasn’t actually like herself. She wanted to kill herself. I kind of got her out of it, her sister got her out of it.”


Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • A suspect has been found in the high-profile case of a Angie Housman, 9, who was raped and murdered in St. Louis 25 years ago  
  • Housman vanished after getting off of a school bus in 1993 and her body was found tied to a tree nine days later in a remote forested area 
  • She was starved and sexually assaulted and her mouth and eyes were taped over
  • Reports claim an Air Force veteran who is a convicted pedophile has been linked to the case after his DNA matched evidence found at the crime scene