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Who is Angela Martinez (Dies with COVID-19)Burger King employee, Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Unknown FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW

Angela Martinez (Dies with COVID-19) Wiki – Angela Martinez (Dies with COVID-19) Biography

Angela Martinez Gomez is a former Burger King employee who died July 6 after displaying coronavirus symptoms. Coworkers at the Santa Monica, California location staged a strike following her death, claiming the restaurant failed to protect Martinez and other employees.
According to the Santa Monica Daily Press, a quiet protest was scheduled for Friday in the franchise location and demanded the COVID-19 to be temporarily closed due to concerns.
The newspaper reported that Yolanda Garcia filed a complaint with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and the local CalOSHA department. The Daily Press said the employee refused to offer fresh masks for each shift and frequently clean high contact surfaces, as well as letting Martinez work while she was sick.
In the complaint, Garcia claimed that Martinez died after suffering from “bad cough, high fever, and other systems.” According to a copy of the complaint received by the Daily Press, Garcia and other employees are now experiencing similar symptoms.
According to the newspaper, several workers walked for security on July 6 after the complaint learned about Angela’s death. “A worker does not have to die and strikes to draw attention to COVID-19 security at Burger King.”
The Daily Press, Los Angeles County Medical Examination Specialist-Coroner has delayed further investigation into Martinez’s cause of death. Whether there is new coronavirus has not yet been confirmed.

Martinez Burger King Employee Dies After Working With COVID-19 Symptoms

Martinez, who worked at Burger King for 15 years, worked for a week while ill until leaving a shift early on June 29, according to the Santa Monica Daily Press.
The employee was “coughing, nauseous and taking frequent bathroom breaks,” the outlet disclosed, citing the complaint. She was also self-medicating with cold medicine.
A second employee also worked during that time with “chills and a high temperature,” the newspaper reported.
The Daily Press disclosed that Garcia, who suffers from diabetes, is claiming to be the third employee to develop symptoms.
“I feel very worried and I have a bad headache,” she wrote in the complaint, the newspaper reported. “July 8 I woke up coughing with chills, shaking and body aches, my right lung hurts making it difficult to breathe, and I am very tired.”
Adding, “I am worried about my health and my family’s health; eight of us live together, and my brother and I both have diabetes. Last week I visited my grandchildren, and now I do not know if I have COVID-19, or if I gave it to them. I am worried.”

Burger King Statements

In a statement obtained by the Santa Monica Daily Press, Burger King claims it has not seen any reported cases of the virus at the location. It also stated that it has safety precautions in place to keep workers and customers safe.
“We are saddened to hear of the passing of Angela Martinez Gómez, who had worked at Burger King for more than fifteen years,” the statement reads, according to the newspaper. “Burger King deeply values diversity, equality and the safety and fair treatment of our team members and guests,” the statement reads.
In addition, “Burger King restaurants take the necessary precautions to keep team members and guests safe at all times. We have not received any news or confirmation that Angela’s tragic death is related to Covid-19. No symptoms were reported by the team at this place. In this devastating time, our deepest condolences go to Angela’s family and friends. ”
The company also said it is investigating reports of “transphobic comments”.
“We are investigating the report that transphobic comments have been made,” Daily Press said. “They don’t match our values and they’re not acceptable. Creating an inclusive and inviting environment is a priority for us, and in this case we will make sure that we will act quickly. “