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Who is Angela Green (Missing Women Died) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Death and Cause

Angela Green (Missing Women Died) Wiki

Angela Green (Missing Women Died) Wiki – Angela Green (Missing Women Died) Biography

Angela Green from Kansas has not been seen in over a year, and the missing person investigation has apparently uncovered very few clues as to what may have happened to her. But Angela Green’s daughter is looking for answers, even if it means learning that her own father had something to do with her mother’s disappearance.
According to WDAF-TV, Angela Green from Prairie Village was last seen on June 20, 2019, right after a college student girl Ellie Green returned home from study abroad. Ellie told the news station that she was worried that her mother would spend the summer at home, but the two clashed and Ellie went to stay with her boyfriend’s family.
However, Ellie was worried when she couldn’t reach her mother for three days, and eventually, she went to her family’s home and asked her father, Geoff Green, where her mother was.
“When I returned for the first time three days after leaving home, my father felt that my mother was gone, the door was open, and that she was welcome to stay here,” said Ellie Green in an interview. station.
“There was an eerie feeling about the house.”
Ellie said that her father first went to a hospital to treat her mother’s mental health. But weeks later, she informed Ellie that Angela died of a stroke and the family did not want anyone to tell anyone about the sudden death.
“It wasn’t a secret I wanted to keep,” said 19-year-old Ellie at the news station.
But apparently, he approved his father’s request for several months, eventually calling his aunt to say that Angela died in February of this year. It was reported that the aunt asked for evidence.
Ellie went to WDAF-TV, “I went to Topeka the next day and asked for a death certificate from them and they found her through my father’s marriage certificate and couldn’t find any records in the state of Kansas.
At this point, Ellie reported that her mother was missing because neighbors requested welfare control.
After sending the report of the daughter with a missing daughter, it was alleged that his father changed his story about what happened to his mother.
“He said he was having a party with his friends in the interview and he was going to be back later that night,” said Ellie. Her mother was never a partner, she said, and almost never went out on her own. ‘Even if Ellie went to the store, she would want her husband or daughter to join her,’ said Ellie.
Ellie told the news station that she was talking to her mother about her academic success: After graduating from high school as a valedictorian, Ellie is about to enter her young age at the University of Kansas. The daughter of the missing woman said that she and her mother regretted that they could not agree on the last time together.
“Of course I wish I hug him, he said I love you, he said something to him.”
According to the report, Angela Green’s passport, wallet and phone were left at home, and since she was last seen a year ago, she did not withdraw money from the bank.
It is unclear whether the authorities would file a criminal complaint against Angela’s husband. According to the report, the Prairie Village Police Department did not respond to the request to update the case.
Geoff Green declined to comment when a WDAF-TV reporter went to his house to ask about his lost wife.
“If he wasn’t here anymore, he deserved much more time in the world. If it’s not there, I love it and hope it is safe, ”said Ellie Green.

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