Journalist Viciously Assaults: Andy Ngo Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Andy Ngo Bio

Andy Ngo Bio

Andy Ngo (Andy C. Ngo) is a photojournalist and editor at Quillette. He documents the violence and insanity of Antifa in his city. On June 29, 2019, he claims to have struck on the head and face “multiple times” by Antifa protesters.

Andy Ngo Education

Ngo attended Benson Polytechnic High School in Portland, Oregon. He graduated with a B.A. in Design and Media Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2009. He is also a graduate in political science from Portland State University.

Andy Ngo Age

He is 32 years old.

Andy Ngo Ethnicity

Andy C. Ngo is of Vietnamese ethnicity.

Andy Ngo Nationality

Andy is a Vietnamese – American national.

Andy Ngo Early Life

Andy was born to Vietnam parents who immigrated to the United States in 1978 via a boat and ended up in Oregon. Andy has said that his mother was born to a middle-class family who owned a jewellery business and at the age of 16 she began working at a labour camp.

Andy Ngo Family/Parents

“My mother came from a family that was labelled bourgeois or middle class. They owned a jewellery business in their home which was taken after the collapse of the South Vietnamese government. They were thrown into the labour camp. My mother was only 16 at that time.”

His father was a police officer in a small coastal town. Despite the job being good during the war one could easily be shot afterwards.

Andy Ngo Quillette

Andy Ngo is a sub-editor and photojournalist for Quillette. On the ‘About’ section it reads; “Quillette is a platform for free thought. We respect ideas, even dangerous ones. We also believe that free expression and the free exchange of ideas help human societies flourish and progress. Quillette aims to provide a platform for this exchange.”

Andy Ngo Twitter

The writer tweeted afterwards that he was bleeding and had been robbed of his camera equipment and was heading to the hospital for treatment.

Andy Ngo Attacked

He said: ‘Attacked by Antifa. Bleeding. They stole my camera equipment. No police until after. waiting for an ambulance . If you have evidence Of attack please help.’

Adding: ‘On way to the hospital. Was beat on the face and head multiple times in downtown in the middle of the street with fists and weapons. Suspects at large.’

At least three groups had planned rallies or demonstrations at different sites in the city, including members of the so-called Proud Boys and anti-fascist groups that include ‘Antifa,’ and the fights occurred when participants of the opposing groups met, according to The Oregonian/OregonLive.

Andy Ngo Assault, Police Statements/Investigation

In a statement Saturday night, the Portland Police Bureau said: ‘During today’s events, there were multiple assaults reported, as well as projectiles thrown at demonstrators and officers.

‘There were also reports of pepper spray and bear spray being used by people in the crowd. Officers deployed pepper spray during the incident.

Andy Ngo Milkshaked

‘There were reports of individuals throwing ‘milkshakes’ with a substance mixed in that was similar to a quick drying cement. One subject was arrested for throwing a substance during the incident.’

Andy Ngo GoFundMe Page

GoFundMe page for help Andy Ngo was started having titled, “Protect Andy Ngo,”  the help page was spread of the assault he suffered. The page raised over $ 97,249. The goal of the page is $50,000. The page has been endorsed on Twitter by far-right activists Harmeet K. Dhillon.

Andy Ngo Video

Ngo shared a video to social media after the attack where he said his GoPro camera had been stolen and that he had been punched several times in his face.

Sporting several welts and cults, Ngo was speaking into the camera when police arrived.

He said: ‘Where the hell were you? I was assaulted twice.’

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Andy Ngo was punched, kicked and ‘milkshakes’ by Antifa protesters in Portland 
  • Disturbing footage from the demonstration shows the violent attack 
  • Ngo, a controversial conservative writer, is seen trying to escape from the crowds, some of whom follow him and throw milkshakes
  • The writer tweeted afterward that he was bleeding and had been robbed of his camera equipment and that he was heading to the hospital for treatment 
  • He said: ‘Attacked by Antifa. Bleeding. They stole my camera equipment. No police until after. waiting for an ambulance. If you have evidence please help’