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klahoma Special-Ed Teacher Raped Student: Andee Lantz Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Andee Lantz Biography, Andee Lantz Wiki, Age, Net Worth

Andee Michelle Lantz is the Oklahoma special education teacher facing a rape charge after prosecutors said she engaged in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student. CBS affiliate KWTV, citing local investigators, reported Lantz admitted inviting the teen to her home and that they had sex on at least two occasions.

According to Caddo County court records, an arrest warrant was issued on December 18th. On December 23, the bond was set at $ 15,000 and, according to prisoner and court records, Lantz was released the same day. His next hearing was to be held on 12 March.


Court records from a separate case in Caddo County show that Lantz, 26, was married and a child. About three weeks before Lantz was arrested, her husband filed for divorce.


According to KWTV, Carnegie Public Schools officials and parents in the area started asking about Lantz after distributing a nude picture of a student. The exit reported that the school inspector had spoken to Lantz and the student concerned had initially both rejected something malicious.


However, Lantz admitted that he eventually spent time with the student after a homecoming soccer game. Citing court documents, KWTV reported that after claiming the student made his first move by bowing down for a kiss, Lantz admitted that he invited the teenager to his home where they had sex.


Online court records show that Lantz was arrested on December 18 by an officer from the Carnegie City Police. Heavy asked the court clerk in Caddo County, Oklahoma for a copy of the statement. As of this writing, we had not received it yet.


Lantz was providing special education within the Carnegie Public Schools system when sexual intercourse with the teenager occurred. According to KOKH-TV, Lantz resigned from the area in mid-November weeks before he was arrested.


Lantz’s passport photo and contact information has been removed from the school’s website. But a Google search of his name still brings up a link to the middle school faculty directory suggesting Lantz is teaching middle school students.


According to the Oklahoma State Department of Education, Lantz has been a licensed educator since at least 2016. Her online profile shows she was authorized to teach elementary school in December 2016. Registration grades, students 1-8. He was allowed to teach between classes.


In September 2019, Lantz earned appropriate certifications to teach special education. He was allowed to train students in subjects ranging from “mild-moderate disability” to “severe-profound / multiple disability”. Lantz’s record shows that he can work at any school level, from kindergarten to 12th grade.


Lantz’s social media profiles appear to have been deleted or suspended. But a search of online enrollments through Instant Checkmate shows that he went to Southwestern Oklahoma State University and graduated in 2016.


Caddo County court records show that Lantz’s husband filed for divorce on November 30th. In the original petition, he wrote that the couple had been married since August 2016 but had become “incompatible” since then. Lantz’s husband did not mention the rape charge against him in the original court document.


Lantz’s husband was included in the petition that she and Lantz have a child born in September 2018. He claimed custody of the toddler and “reasonable visitation” rights for Lantz. Her husband also asked for alimony.


According to a document dated December 22, the judge gave joint custody of the toddler. However, Lantz was ordered to cover more of the monthly costs for childcare because her gross monthly income was higher than her husband’s. It is unclear whether his resignation from Carnegie Public Schools or the court case influenced the judge’s decision.


The age of consent is 16 in Oklahoma. But as in most states, the age of the student is not important when it comes to sexual relations between teachers and students in Oklahoma. The relationship is illegal even if the student is at least 16 years old.


Oklahoma’s legal rules define sexual intercourse between teacher and student specifically as rape:


If the victim is at least sixteen (16) years old and under twenty (20) years old and is a student, or is under the legal custody or supervision of any public or private primary or secondary school, secondary or high school, school or public vocational school and eighteen (18) He has sexual intercourse with a person of the same age or older who is an employee of the same school system.


Lantz faces second-degree rape charges, otherwise referred to as legal rape. According to the Coventon Criminal Defense in Oklahoma, the charge is a severe crime and requires a prison sentence of between one and 15 years if convicted. Anyone found guilty should register as a sex offender for the rest of their lives.