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How Did Doctor & Actress Die? Amii Lowndes Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

How Did Doctor & Actress Die? Amii Lowndes Wiki, Bio

Amii Lowndes was an American who appeared on several TV shows like Doctor Who, Skins and The Crown. She was a lover of Shakespeare and often shared snaps of the latest books she was reading on Instagram. The actress trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

She was also online as working as an administrator at RADA in London as well as a former actress at ALRA.

How old was Amii Lowndes?

Amii Lowndes was 29 years old at the time of death.

Amii Lowndes Death

Actress Amii Lowndes, known for acting in series such as Skins and Dr. Who, was found dead at the age of 29 in the courtyard of her parents’ house after suffering two seizures of epilepsy.

The artist was not receiving treatment for the disease since she had not been diagnosed with it and died from SUDEP , the sudden unexpected death in a picture of epilepsy.

Amii had suffered two attacks in the weeks leading up to her death but her family did not think that these could get worse over time.

The actress had traveled from London to Bristol during the coronavirus pandemic quarantine. In his parents’ garden located in that city, he lost his life.

Lowndes had his first attack in 2018 and another in May 2020, according to The Mirror. At that time, he consulted a neurologist, who did not detect a picture of epilepsy. The professional suggested to the artist in that telephone consultation that the attacks could be linked to a heart problem. Therefore, his epilepsy was never treated with medication.

“We would have liked to be given the opportunity to know that such attacks could be lethal, as is a heart attack. Nothing will bring Amii back to us, but if we can save a family that is going through the same thing, it will have been worth it, ”said Bea, Lowndes’ mother.

It should be remembered that the actress acted alongside Peter Capaldi in Dr. Who , the British science fiction series from the BBC, and in addition to Skins , she was part of the cast of the medical drama Casualty.

Amii Lowndes Cause of Death

She had her first seizure in 2018 and another in May 2020, but a consultant neurologist did not diagnose epilepsy. Instead, during a phone consultation, she was told her seizures might be linked to an issue with her heart.

Because of this, she was not started on anti-epileptic medication.

Bea, her mother, told The Mirror: ‘Amii first had a seizure in 2018 but we only learned about SUDEP upon her death.

‘Both she and we would have wanted the opportunity to know that seizures, just like heart attacks, can be fatal.

‘Nothing will bring Amii back but if we can save one other family going through our pain, it will be worth it.’

Giving evidence at the inquest, Prof David Chad­wick said it was ‘unlikely’ the lack of treatment led to her death on June 15.

Amii Lowndes Doctor Who Character

Amii appeared in Doctor Who in 2014 alongside Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. She’s not listed on IMDb as playing a specific role, so we can assume that Amii had a supporting role in the BBC series.

Amii, who featured in Doctor Who alongside Peter Capaldi in 2014 and also had parts in Casualty and Skins, collapsed in Bristol.

Amii Lowndes Obituary

Amii, a fan of Shakespeare, wanted to pursue a career in theatre and spent seven years as a business development administrator for RADA – where she trained. She was described as a ‘ray of sunshine by colleagues and a plan is in place to put plaques on theatre seats in her memory.

Amii’s family wants to work with the charity SUDEP Action.

Senior coroner Maria Voisin recorded a narrative verdict. She said she did not think a failure to diagnose and treat Amii’s epilepsy reached the threshold to conclude her death was contributed to by neglect.