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Who is DEVIL WOMAN Amber Vannatter? (burned friend’s infant) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Who is Amber Vannatter? (DEVIL WOMAN burned friend’s infant) Biography – Amber Vannatter Wiki

Citing court documents, Fox 59 reports that authorities arrived at the Ball Memorial Hospital on August 14 in Muncie, after a report of possible child abuse. The mother of a young girl in the hospital spoke to investigators and explained that her friend, Amber Vannatter, 20, had been taking care of the child while she worked.
The mother reportedly said that while she was still at work, Vannatter brought the girl to her job and dropped her off. The child’s mouth was bleeding and she had numerous abrasions on her body.
An investigation was launched Friday when cops responded to a report of possible child abuse at a hospital in Muncie, where the girl’s mother said Vannatter had been watching her daughter at the woman’s home while she was at work, police said.
The infant — who is almost one year old — was dropped off late Friday at her mother’s workplace with friction burns to her torso and face, as well as burns caused by a cigarette lighter, the Muncie Star Press reports.
Amber Nicole Vannatter admitted to the abuse, police said. (Delaware County Jail)
Vannatter later admitted abusing the child “because she was depressed and the baby was crying,” the newspaper reports, citing Muncie Police Det. Kris Swanson.
Vannatter, who was arrested early Saturday, initially gave conflicting statements about how the baby was injured. Court documents admitted that during his meeting with the police, he kept the girl’s face against a treadmill while running and burning it on her neck and arms with the lighter when she started to cry.
According to WXIN, Vannatter admitted to burning the girl during two separate incidents, but refused to hit her.
Swanson told Muncie Star Press that the baby, whose ankle was reported to be broken, was treated in the emergency room before being released. There will probably be scars from their injuries.
According to online records, Vannatter was detained in a Delaware County prison on Tuesday instead of $ 60,000 in bonds. It is unclear if he has hired a lawyer to speak on his behalf.
After investigators found Vannatter and interviewed him, he allegedly gave several conflicting accounts of what happened to the girl. In the end, Vannatter allegedly admitted to harming the child after arguing with her boyfriend. She claimed she took her disappointment out of the little girl.
Vannatter allegedly admitted that the girl kept her face on an open treadmill and used a lighter to light several parts of the victim’s body. The suspect denied hitting the boy.
Doctors said the child will likely have a lifelong scar due to the severity of the injuries.
Vannatter was arrested and charged with three batteries and three negligence.