Accused of Killing Her Twin Sister: Amanda Ramirez Biography, Wiki, Age, Twin (Anna Ramirez), Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Amanda Ramirez Biography

Amanda Ramirez Biography

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Amanda Ramirez is accused and charged with aggravated manslaughter in the stabbed to death of Anna Ramirez, on Saturday morning, according to the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office. Police Authorities believe a love triangle caused the deadly murder fight between the Twins – but a third sister added that twins would never ‘fight over a man.’

Amanda Ramirez Age

The Twin sisters Amanda Ramirez and Anna Ramirez are 27 Years old.

Amanda Ramirez and Anna Fight

‘They would argue like cats and dogs, but stuck together like thieves,’ Monika Medina, 19, told The New York Post. ‘Amanda and Anna’s bond was one of the tightest. Inseparable!’

Police Investigation Anna Ramirez Murder

Police Department Received a call on Saturday morning 22 Jun and arrived at the scene at 5:40 am to find Amanda Ramirez covered in blood, who is said to have told officers she had no idea what had happened to Anna Ramirez, having found her sister that way.

[tie_full_img]Amanda Ramirez Biography[/tie_full_img]

Anna Ramirez lived with her loved one of two and a half years, he was named Luis Rivera, while her sister had been in a relationship for a ‘couple years,’ Medina said.

‘Detectives thought this is the next big thing, ‘Sister kills twin over man,’ Medina added.

A knife was later recovered from Ramirez’s family’s apartment, with preliminary tests suggesting it may have blood on it.

Amanda Ramirez Statements

 The 27-year-old then changed her story multiple times with police:-

in step with the statement Amanda presented police 3 distinct testimonies when she was interviewed on the station; first claiming she found her sister injured but had no idea when, where or why changed into stabbed and with the aid of whom.

on the 1/3 revisal, she claimed that they had each been ingesting at a relative’s and once they arrived lower back at the apartment block she punched her sister in the face, following an issue.

according to Ramirez’s account, the sisters fought until they have been on their knees, where Anna then went to move and get a knife from the kitchen.

She claims Anna came back out of doors, resumed the fight, in which the pair struggled over manipulate of the blade.

Amanda Ramirez Biography

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Amanda Ramirez Accused of Killing Her Twin Sister
  • Unknown witness, claims to have heard Ramirez threaten her sibling moments before, telling Anna, I am killing You.
  • She Says that she managed to disarm her identical twin of the blade and then, in an act of self-defense, plunged it into her chest
  • Amanda says she ‘doesn’t remember the fight’ despite the witness’s testimony
  • Authorities believe a love triangle may have caused the deadly spat between the pair but a third sister claims the twins would never have ‘fought over a man’