Who is Amalie Olufsen Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Unknown FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW
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Who is Amalie Olufsen Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Unknown FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW

Amalie Olufsen Wiki – Amalie Olufsen Biography

Norwegian model Amalie Olufsen is being tipped to play the role of Paul Gascoigne’s ex-wife Sheryl in a planned film about the troubled footballer’s life.

The 23-year-old beauty from Mo i Rana in Norway stepped into modeling as the face of bespoke British underwear brand Buttress & Snatch and became Playboy Playmate in August 2020.


And MailOnline might reveal that she’s totally portraying the role of Sheryl – she’s been featured in TV shows like Loose Women and I’m A Celebrity since she married and divorced the mother of glamor model Bianca Gascoigne and Gazza. Let’s Get Out of Here!


A source told us: ‘Amalie is gaining interest in the modeling world and is also a promising actress. And to portray a young Sheryl in his Gazza biography, he fits the bill perfectly.


It impressed the producers and is ready to play the role. It moves to the UK in 2021, and the producers hope to restart the project as soon as possible.


As with many productions this year, the COVID-19 pandemic has flopped plans for creative projects, many of which are still in the background. So we have to wait and see what happens next … ‘


Amalie previously starred in TV shows like 30 Years Of Hurt and Best Sheep, and will be on the cover of Playboy Australia next month.


He also made a deal with Sauvage Mayo, which is known to recruit people like Emily Ratajkowski and Candice Swanpoel for his campaigns, and insiders said his goal was to ‘climb to the top of the UK modeling industry’.


No stranger to football stars, he’s also featured in an advertising campaign with former Aston Villa hero John Carew.


Gazza’s 55-year-old former Sheryl met the former Newcastle United player in the early 1990s and married him in the summer of 1996.


She had previously married 34-year-old Bianca, who was adopted by her stepfather Gazza and took the surname, and Colin Kyle, the father of 30-year-old Mason. Gazza and Sheryl later welcomed another son, Regan, who is now 24 years old.


They divorced in August 1998, two years after their wedding, after a turbulent 24 months.


Despite attempts to compromise, Gazza’s widely publicized war with addiction and alleged domestic violence was cited as the cause of their eventual split.


Sheryl then ran a campaign for victims of domestic violence and published a book called Stronger: My Life Surviving Gazza in 2009.


The following year he won a libel suit and received compensation after an article in The People misrepresented him.


In 2013, Gazza thanked Premier League stars and famous friends for ‘saving his life’ after financing one of his rehab roles.


The former UK star thanked the likes of Radio DJ Chris Evans and footballers Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard – among others – for paying the weekly cost of £ 7,500.


A number of footballers and show business stars paid to stay at the Cottonwood clinic in Arizona amid worries about his life deepened.


He said at the time that he wouldn’t mind going to another booze and reportedly to the Daily Star: ‘I miss a glass. I will never say never. I can drink again in the future. ‘


Recently, he spoke in support of his son Regan, months after he announced that he was bisexual in a television interview.


Regan spoke openly about her sexuality in a newspaper interview last year and then appeared on the ITV show named after Lorraine Kelly.


Gazza now described his son’s Mirror: ‘He texted me the night before and I saw him talking on TV. I said to him, “Whatever you do son, I will support you 100 percent, you have to do what makes you happy.”


I thought, “Save him.” It is difficult to be on TV and do this. He’s a professional dancer, a fit guy, and I’m proud of him. ‘


The athlete went on to explain that Regan stayed with him for several weeks during the early stages of his career at Newcastle, and he and his son were now in regular contact via phone calls and text messages.


Regan told Lorraine after she publicly dated her bisexual and admitted that she didn’t know that her father had decided to contact her.


The actor admitted before that they were still in contact but did not see each other often.


Gazza abandoned his son when he was a baby before, after a series of quarrels with his ex-wife Sheryl.


When asked about his father’s current well-being, Regan said that he still wanted his father to remain healthy and ‘loved him very much’.