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Alyssa Anne Dayvault Wiki – Alyssa Anne Dayvault Bio

Alyssa Anne Dayvault is a South Carolina woman skipped her murder trial this week, but a jury found her guilty anyway of killing her two newborn babies in 2017 and 2018 and dumping their bodies into the trash.

Alyssa Anne Age

She is 32 years old.

Alyssa Anne Trial

According to Myrtle Beach Sun News, 32-year-old Alyssa Anne Dayvault surrendered to North Myrtle Beach Police on Friday, the day after the trial was completed.


Dayvault was arrested after giving birth to a boy in December 2018 and the boy “took multiple breaths” before disposing of him. Dayvault told the police that he also threw a newborn girl in 2017 while investigating this incident.


Police learned of the 2018 incident in which Dayvault was infected after giving birth and had to go to the hospital. She initially denied that she was pregnant, but soon confessed what happened.


“I was so scared, I don’t know,” Dayvault told police in an interview during the trial, according to Sun News. “I wasn’t thinking. I don’t have an explanation. I wasn’t thinking. I was terrified.”


After the police found out about the 2017 incident, he took medical records and learned that the fetus had a healthy heartbeat in the third trimester.


Sun News said that authorities issued a court order for Dayvault to be arrested while he was absent from the trial, and Dayvault continued without him. The jury convicted him of two murders Thursday for child molestation. His sentence has been sealed and will be read when he returns to court.