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Alma Storm Holch Povlsen Wiki, Biography, Age, Father (Anders), Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Sri Lanka Stroy

Alma Storm Holch Povlsen Wiki

Alma Storm Holch Povlsen, the oldest daughter of Anders Holsch Povlsen, Danish billionaire, posted an Instagram story of her family trip to Sri Lanka over the weekend. Reports have since confirmed Povlsen lost three of his four childrento the Sri Lanka bombings over Easter weekend. Those reports have not confirmed whether Alma was one of the three children killed; however, her Instagram comments are already flooded with comments paying tribute to the family.
The notoriously private Povlsen family can be seen through the lens of Alma in her Instagram posts and stories, though she makes a point not to post many pictures of her sibling’s faces.
Here’s what you need to know:

Here are the five screenshots for her Instagram story on Sri Lanka, which are stills of videos and were saved as a highlight story to her feed:

Alma Storm Holch Povlsen

Alma Holch Povlsen InstagramAlma Storm Holch Povlsen Instagram

Each of these screengrabs can be found in the story highlights bubble in Alma Storm’s Instagram feed, titled “Sri Lanka.”

Anders is the richest man in Denmark. Danish media have confirmed that he and his family were on holiday in Sri Lanka, and that three of his children were tragically killed in the bombings on Easter Sunday, which left at least 290 casualties.

Alma Storm appears to be the eldest child of the Povlsen family; her Instagram, which has a limited amount of photos, shows her three siblings frequently, all of them young children.

Alma Storm’s Instagram has over 10,000 followers. Her bio reads, “Sc [Snapchat]: almastorm1107 | ⭕️ure 19/20 |?Aarhus”

Alma Storm follows around 400 people, including models Hailey Baldwin and Chrissy Teigen.

Alma Storm’s Instagram Is Filled With Family Moments & Trips

Alma Storm’s Instagram highlights and photos are filled with photos and videos of her family, from morning yoga with her mother to international trips with her family. Anne Holch Povlsen, Alma Storm’s mother and Anders’ wife, does not appear to have social media; neither does Anders.


Though her death has not been confirmed, Instagram users are flooding her photos with tribute comments. “Terrible tragedy Rip ??,” one user wrote.

Alma’s father isn’t just the wealthiest man in Denmark. He is also Scotland’s biggest landownership, with ownership rights to one percent of the country. Per Scotsman, Povlsen, 46, owns 221,000 acres in Scotland; he purchased this land with the intent to “rewild” it, which is a preservation strategy for future generations.

Neither Povlsen nor his wife have made a public statement about the tragic loss of three of their children.