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Who is Alice Sweet Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Unknown FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW

Alice Sweet Wiki – Alice Sweet Biography

A Maine man was arrested after he dived into a McDonalds with a chainsaw and chased the workers before stealing food and drink.


Alice Sweet, 26, was detained at a nearby Fireside Inn in Portland by officers from the Westbrook Police Department, the police shared in a press release.


Multiple calls were made to the police around 3.30 pm, which reported that Sweet was chasing people inside and outside of McDonald’s.


An investigation revealed that Sweet went behind the counter while employees were preparing food and repeatedly speeded the chainsaw.


Police shared that the suspect stole food and drink from the scene before leaving the fast food restaurant.


When the manager confronted Sweet in the parking lot, he began chasing the employee with a chainsaw. While escaping from the scene, Sweet damaged two vehicles.


Arriving at the scene, the police found Sweet in VIP Tires on Riverside Street. On his release, police said he fled the officers but was immediately detained.


Witnesses at the crime scene took a picture of Sweet attacking Portland McDonald’s.


Others shared that she was seen putting Sweet’s drink on the median in the road just before she followed the manager.


A mother shared that her 18-year-old son worked behind the counter while preparing food during the attack. He shared his thanks for “no one was hurt or worse killed.”


“This could easily have turned into a very different night for my family,” said Bobbi-Jo Grenier.


Sweet was accused of theft, criminal conspiracy, refusal to arrest and violating the terms of release.