Alice Little Biography

Sex Worker At Bunny Ranch: Alice Little Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Alice Little Biography

When Alice Little, a legal sex worker, gave Refinery29 a peek at her life in the form of a Money Diary last year, the post received more than 300 comments. People wanted to know how Little got into this line of work and what she studied in school, and they wanted to get to know her more as a person.
Alice Little Biography
“I was struck by how much I felt like I could easily be friends with this girl, despite the vast differences in our careers,” one reader commented.

Alice Little, who was born in Ireland and now lives in Carson City, Nevada, first began working in the legal sex trade in 2016, however she slams suggestions that her work is focused solely on wearing ‘skimpy sexy lingerie’ and ‘shaking her booty’, insisting that the bulk of her job involves helping couples ‘rediscover intimacy’.

‘Nothing ever felt as fulfilling as working in a legal brothel. It fits me perfectly,’ she said in a first-person piece written for HuffPo, in which she explains how she first started working at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, and why she loves her chosen career so much.

Little Says Being a Sex Worker Is ‘Perfect’ for Her

Little wrote in her Huffington Post op-ed that, “Nothing ever felt as fulfilling as working in a legal brothel. It fits me perfectly.” During the piece, Little goes on to discuss who she got started in the sex industry and how she began working at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

Alice Little Biography

Little adds that her goal is to help men get over the “crushing social shame of virginity” and helping those with erectile dysfunction problems. Despite her apparent comfort and pride in working as a sex worker, Little did write that she never saw herself becoming a “lady of the night.”

Little Was Training to Be a Jockey at Belmont When She Decided to Go to College Instead

Little, who stands at 4-feet-8, told the Sun in 2017 that she had worked in many different jobs, including working as an EMT and a massage therapist. Prior to deciding to go to college, Little said that she had been learning to become a jockey at the famed Belmont Park, home of the Belmont Stakes.

 Overnight Clients Are Charged $20,000 Per Night

In an interview with Refinery29 in December 2018, Little went into how she has achieved $1 million in a year. Little said that she concentrates on making $84,000 per month in which she relies on having at least one overnight client, at $20,000 per night, a month.

On the FAQ section of her website, Little does not go into her prices, citing Nevada-law which precludes sex workers from discussing money outside of a bedroom. Little says that she works with most budgets and recommends that those who want to book her services leave a deposit. In that section, Little also says that she refers to her encounters with clients as “parties.”

Alice Little Biography

Little Has Spoken Out Against the Republican Party’s Health Care Plan

Little was quoted in a June 2017 CNN report on Republican plans to repeal Obamacare. Specifically, Little spoke out about the fact that healthcare laws that affect women are being made by men. Little said, “When I look at the folks that are making decisions, the majority of them are male voices. They have no idea how they’re affecting women’s lives.” At the time, Little was part of the group, Hookers for Health Care.

During the interview, Little said that her mother is a cancer survivor. CNN also reported at the time that Little said she was making $500,000 per year.

Little Said Her Family Are Supportive of Her Career Choice

Little told the Sun in 2017 that her Irish family are “very open-minded and incredibly caring” regarding her career choice. Little continued, “What it really comes down to is that here in the States, they know it’s legal, they know it’s safe, they know I’m well cared for.”

Alice Little Biography

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Alice Little, from Ireland, said she never thought about working in the sex industry when she was growing up
  • The 27-year-old said she fell in love with the industry as it combines her to love of human interaction with something that makes her feel ‘passion’ 
  • Alice, who moved to the U.S. when she was five, went to Moonlite Bunny Ranch just outside Carson City, Nevada, in 2016, and has remained there since 
  • ‘Nothing ever felt as fulfilling as working in a legal brothel,’ she said 
  • Bookings with Alice, who offers services to both individuals and couples, begin at approximately $2,000 
  • Her services include BDSM lessons, ‘couple’s experiences’ and teaching people new techniques in order to improve their confidence 
  • She also helps people overcome problems including the ‘crushing social shame of virginity’ and medical problems such as erectile dysfunction 
  • In December 2018, she revealed that she managed to book $1 million in one year
  • As well as providing services at the ranch, Alice works as a sex-educator, regularly sharing educational videos, articles and podcasts