Newlywed Found Dead After She Disappeared in Houston: Alexis Sharkey Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
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Newlywed Found Dead After She Disappeared in Houston: Alexis Sharkey Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Alexis Sharkey Biography

Alexis Sharkey Biography – Alexis Sharkey Wiki

Alexis Sharkey is a 26-year-old newlywed Houston, Texas, woman who has been found dead after initially vanishing without a trace on Friday, November 27. She worked as a hair and skincare consultant, and her loved ones launched a determined search to find her. “My world! My everything! I’m so lost right now! My one and only!” her husband, Tom Sharkey, wrote on Facebook after news of her death was confirmed.

She was remembered for his intelligence and “infectious energy” at work. A colleague described his “beautiful soul”.


Stacey Clark Robinault, Sharkey’s mother, Pennsylvania teacher, turned to social media and Texas television channels to share news about her daughter’s disappearance. Sharkey’s husband shared Robinault’s post on his Facebook page when his wife went missing.

Baby….. please give me strength. Do you remember when we talked and joked about getting old. And I said… that’s the…

Posted by Tom Sharkey on Sunday, November 29, 2020


However, Sharkey was found dead.


Sharkey’s mother confirmed the death on social media on November 29. His mother wrote that Sharkey’s body was found but did not provide details including the cause of death. He said the family’s heart was broken and he called it “an incredible loss.” The #Justiceforalexis hashtag has been used by influencers and friends as the news of the spread of death. Tribute filled the mother’s Facebook page. “It was seriously a ray of sun – hundreds of women and girls adored Lex. His presence shed light on everyone around him. To keep your family in our prayers, ”one person wrote as tribute.


The family told local TV that Sharkey was last seen on Friday, November 27th. Alexis is also known as “Lexis” or “Lex”.


Sharkey’s husband scolded critics on his Facebook page after his body was found. He wrote:


I just want to say this! Some of you help us find my world while posting on social media! And we are grateful for all your help, Love and support! Others were waiting for time to talk about other things. Basically nonsense! And if my wife saw this, she would be disappointed with what she did! You should all be ashamed of yourself! I help MPs and make phone calls to fix what happened to my wife. Next time…. stop and think! And understand! You don’t know them all!


She shared a collage of Sharkey’s photos and said, “Baby… .. please give me strength. Remember we talked and joked about getting old? And I said… that’s the one thing you can never beat me. And we laughed a lot because yours are so competitive❤️


In an emotional post on November 28, Robinault said that her daughter was last seen in Houston, Texas, where she has lived since January.


“Please share this post !!! My daughter Alexis Sharkey is missing !!” She wrote before Sharkey’s body was found.


“Nobody heard from him for more than 24 hours and the police got involved. He has lived in Houston Texas since January and was last seen there. Please help us find it and bring it home safely !! So desperate !!! Please share!!”


Other people around him also shared information. “Alexis Sharkey is a 26-year-old woman located in Houston, Texas. 120 kilos and his family last heard about him on Friday, the 27th, at 18:00. Alexis is married, selling Monat full time, and several of my friends know her very well, although I don’t know her personally! “A woman wrote on Facebook.” I find it very strange that someone who works full time on social media, especially on Black Friday weekends, will overshadow her platform! Keep your eyes open, please share and reach out to those around you! Someone like her wouldn’t just leave the network !!! Bring this sweet lady home !!! ????


As the news spread, other friends offered tribute. “… I love you very much! Justice will be served! You will be in my heart forever ❤️ I love you !! one person wrote.


Sharkey on Facebook wrote that he studied biology at the University of Pittsburgh in Bradford.


Monat is a premium hair and skincare company based on a direct selling / social marketing approach.


“I’ve never met Alexis, but Monat has been an incredible source of inspiration for me in our community,” wrote another Monat representative on Facebook. “He was funny, incredibly intelligent, and his energy was infectious. I am so sorry for the loss of you and your family. Words cannot describe how you should feel. My prayers are for you and your family and I hope whoever did it will get the justice it deserves. ♥ ️ ♥ ️”


Another person wrote to Sharkey’s mother’s post: “I have always admired your daughter for her character and personality, she has a very beautiful spirit and she was a huge part of the monat family, very sorry for your loss❤.”


His posts on Facebook turned towards politics. He shared some of his political views on Facebook, where he published information that reduced the severity of COVID-19 and news criticizing Joe Biden, who was elected President.


In a post about abortion, “I was a child growing up in a loving Christian home with all Christian family and friends. I was really instilled in it. “Also,” it makes me sick to browse the FB and see all these posts judging people for abortion. It never happened and I still feel sick. Do not judge so much that you have no idea what someone is going through. “