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Who is Alexis Marion Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Alexis Marion Wiki – Alexis Marion Biography

A teenager died after being hit by a freight train, just two months after one of his closest friends was killed in the same way.


17-year-old Alexis Jane Marion apparently died this week after stepping in front of a train in southern Florida.


His death came less than two months after Bryce Gowdy, the large-scale and best college football player, died in the same and same area on December 30.


Marion is currently the third student from Deerfield Beach High School to die in just two months.


Earlier this month, 15-year-old footballer Terrance ‘TeeJay’ Jackson, one of Gowdy’s teammates, was killed with a violent weapon after speaking at his grandfather’s funeral.


In this situation, a family argument led to the shooting and the killing of the young man and the man whom the police said shot him.


Robert Runcie, inspector of Broward County Public Schools, told Local10 that the three deaths had ‘a big, big impact’ on Deerfield Beach High School.


“We will continue to work with the administration there and make sure that we support not only the students, but the faculty and the whole community,” Runcie said.


Marion was an accomplished student and an impressive athlete who was part of Deerfield Beach High’s swimming team and planned to study law at the University of Florida.


However, Sun Sentinel reported that he had struggled with his mental health for years and was devastated by the death of Gowdy, a promising athlete with a bright future.


The couple have been friends for years and even shared the same birthday.


Mari Anne Middleton, Sun Sentinel ‘was the best daughter a mother could wish to have, “he said.


“When Bryce died, Alexis was already struggling with feeling good,” she said. “Even though we got help from him, he just couldn’t backfire.”


Her father, Michael Marion, described her daughter as a good person, an advocate of social justice, and someone with a sense of right and wrong.


In 2018, after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, stress levels began to rise.


He felt the gun laws were incredibly inadequate. It was a big thing that he had worn his teeth in the last few years. ‘


His mental health hit a new low last weekend as his parents struggled desperately to find an emergency therapist to speak to Marion at night and on the weekends.


Finally, desperate, they called the Broward Sheriff’s Office on Saturday.


A deputy spoke to the teenager on the phone and managed to make him laugh.


Things were similarly desperate on Sunday, and his mom and dad managed to find a crisis counselor who calmed him down on the phone and persuaded him to go to school on Monday.


After arriving at school, instead of going to school, Marion gave a bag containing her belongings to a friend before heading to the same train tracks where Gowdy died two months ago.


Her family did not find out about their daughter’s death until late Monday evening.


His tragic death reflects that of his friend Gowdy.


The day before his death, he tweeted a photo of himself in the Georgia Tech uniform: “Family issue, I can’t wait to get to ATL as soon as possible!”


The next day, he was mortally wounded by a train in Deerfield Beach.


According to his uncle, the teenager was worried about moving to Atlanta, but still caught the attention of another relative that three of his gym bags were full.


Like many top-notch football players who came in, Gowdy graduated from high school one semester early to get a quick start to college freshman.


Gowdy, who received a full scholarship from Georgia Tech, said his family was hardly raised while fighting financial struggles.


His uncle Thomas Gowdy told Sun: “It was a bit stressful to have the burden of the world on his shoulders as he had to go [to the Division I school] and leave his two younger brothers and family in an unstable environment.” -Sentinel.


As much as he tried, for a full ride – that’s incredible for where it came from.


“People from the urban environment don’t do it the way they normally do.”


The family launched a GoFundMe page that raised $ 124,000 for funeral expenses and services.


Gowdy was a large receiver and defender who helped the Deerfield Beach High team reach the state semi-finals last year.


Gowdy told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that joining Georgia Tech was a ‘dream come true’ when she visited in May.

Yellow Jackets coach Geoff Collins said the entire Georgia Tech football family was devastated by the news of his passing.

‘Bryce was an outstanding young man with a very bright future,’ Collins posted on Twitter. ‘He was a great friend to many, including many of our current and incoming team members.

‘On behalf of our coaches, players, staff and families, we offer our deepest condolences to Bryce’s mother, Shibbon, and his brothers, Brisai and Brayden, as well as the rest of his family members, his teammates and coaches at Deerfield Beach High School, and his many friends.

‘Bryce and his family will always be a part of the Georgia Tech football family.’

‘He was one of the leaders of the team,’ Da
ve Brousseau, a Deerfield Beach alumnus still active with the program, told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. ‘He was one of the guys who, when they were getting ready pre-game, he was always getting them fired up.’

‘This is just tragic that this has happened,’ his uncle, Thomas Gowdy told the Sun-Sentinel. ‘He said he was gonna be famous. He wanted to be famous.’

‘He was one of the leaders of the team,’ Dave Brousseau, a Deerfield Beach alumnus still active with the program, told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. ‘He was one of the guys who, when they were getting ready pre-game, he was always getting them fired up.’

The two suicides came within the same two months as the death of another of the school’s football stars.

Terrance ‘TeeJay’ Jackson, 15, was shot dead at a meal after his grandfather’s burial service at a church in Riviera Beach, Fla. on Saturday.

An argument broke out between family members and turned violent when Royce Freeman, 47, picked up a gun and fired at the youngster, hitting him with one single bullet in the neck, according to reports.

Another mourner returned a volley of bullets and hit Freeman, who also died. Police reported that there were 13 shots in total.

According to a GoFundMe page set up for Teejay’s funeral costs: ‘Some family members were hit by a car including his mother.’

It’s not known whether this happened before or after the fight broke out.

‘I heard a shot, and I turned backwards, and when I turned back to the front of me, I see my son standing with his hand over his neck,’ Jackson’s mother Tronicia Jackson told 7news Miami.

‘Then, I start calling to my baby. I went and called him to hold me. I ripped his bow tie off his neck, and that’s when I see the blood starting to seep.’

She said she tried to pull the bullet out of the gunshot wound but her nail broke as she did.

Tronicia then detailed the moment her son died in her arms.

According to his mother, the footballer, who played defensive end at Deerfield Beach High School, ‘never hung out on the street’.

‘My baby played football with the school and played his video games’, she added.

According to the GoFundMe page, he was scheduled to go on a college tour on Saturday but opted to attend his grandfather’s funeral instead.

‘He was a bright kid waiting and ready to start getting his college offers,’ the page reads.

‘He had a promising future ahead of him.’

If you or anyone you know needs to talk, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or click here.