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Who is Alexis Alegria Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know

Alexis Alegria Wiki – Alexis Alegria Biography

Alexis Alegria, a Nevada woman, was sentenced to prison without conditional evacuation in late last month to beat her family with a crowbar and fire her home after catching her drenched paint in the garage.
Alexis Alegria Age
She is 31 years old.

Who is Alexis Alegria

On 26 June, Alexis Alegria, 31, was given two consecutive lifetimes to kill father and mother 61-year-old Victor Alegria and 58-year-old Jami Alegria in their partner home in October 2018. The Washoe County District Attorney General said in a statement: I heard that Alexis Alegria had a recorded phone call on her bodycam footage and confessed to killing her parents and burning their homes.
Police officers who intervened in the home fire contacted Alexis Alegria, who said her parents were still at home. The officers noticed a laceration in the lips and blood of Alexis Alegria’s legs and feet. Alexis Alegria initially claimed she fell down the steps while escaping from the fire.


An investigation revealed that Alexis Alegria deliberately launched a fire to hide the murder of her parents. Prosecutors said that Victor and Jami Alegria caught Alexis Alegria while squeezing paint in the garage, resulting in a controversy resulting in Alexis Alegria beating his family with a crowbar and stabbing his father behind his head.
An autopsy confirmed that Victor and Jami Alegria died from a blunt force head injury, and the father suffered sharp force injuries to his head.
Prosecutors said that Alexis Alegria had a “significant” history of mental illness, and her parents’ police called her multiple times. However, he was eventually authorized to be tried for the murder of his parents.
Alexis Alegria was convicted of a double massacre in May. He was also sentenced to 5 to 15 years in prison for first-degree arson. The arson sentence will be sentenced to two life sentences for first-degree murder.


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