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Alexandria Lyons Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

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Alexandria Lyons was booked into the jail Wednesday, online records show, and remained there Monday on a $1,000 bond.
Lyons also waived her preliminary hearing, sending her case to circuit court for trial. Her next court date has not yet been set.
Lyons, 22, previously a native of Grandville, was charged with instigating a riot. In particular, he is accused of broadcasting parts of the downtown Grand Rapids riot on May 30 and 31 live on social media. Among the images he showed; 82 Ionia Ave., home to the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office. Glass breaking in NW.
After being arrested for the first time in early June, Lyons was rescued by the Lansing-based Michigan Solidarity Bail Fund.
Later last month, officials said they found images of holding a gun on social media, which violated bonding conditions. He did not come to the hearing on July 24 on the matter, at which point a judge issued a warrant for his arrest.
Since Lyons is back in jail, MSBF has the option to file a claim to get back the $ 40,000 it has put on its bond. MSBF defines itself as an “anti-prison, anti-racist, and anti-capitalist” organization that opposes the pre-trial cash bail system and says its money comes from donations.
Lyons is among 16 people, including 15 adults and a child, charged in connection with the riot that caused $ 2 million in damage and cost to the city. He was the fifth person ordered to appear in court.
Grand Rapids police are looking for more people they say caused damage during the riot. In July, they posted dozens of photos from social media posts, security cameras, and news feeds, hoping that the public would name more suspects.